Vacation English Immersion

Vacation English Immersion

Learn English in the most artistic city in the USA!

The Vacation English Immersion [VEI] program is an exceptional opportunity for you to improve your English language skills whether you’re a university student or a professional. It is a language practice employing a multi-modal, multi-sensory methodology for language acquisition. VEI is an exciting, energetic, engaging and interactive experience designed to give you the full benefit of language learning opportunities, while enjoying your time in Santa Fe. For a true immersion experience, in addition to English Classes, you will also attend Culture & Communication Workshops and Extracurricular Activities.


JULY 7 – 27, 2016

Other sessions dates are possible if there is space available on SFUAD’s premises, and your group has a minimum enrollment of 20 participants.

In the English classes, you’ll focus on developing your communicative English language skills in a comfortable classroom environment. You will be grouped according to your proficiency level and work with highly trained, experienced language instructors who love to teach.


$2,200 USD includes language instruction, on-campus housing, 19 meals per week in the school cafeteria, excursions, and on-campus activities.


English: You will receive 36 hours of language instruction using a methodology employing visual, auditory and kinesthetic modalities and multi-sensory approaches. You will actively learn in a fun and engaging way with various projects, field trips and reality-based activities. At the end of three weeks, you will notice a big difference in your language abilities!

Culture & Communication Workshops: There are approximately 18 hours of workshops in this 3-week session. There are many new things to experience here as you build your intercultural understanding and competency. Examples include: the artistic cultural scene of Santa Fe, different cultures in and around Santa Fe and the American Southwest region, new and interesting foods and the history of film-making in this area.


Students will have the opportunity to visit historical, natural and cultural landmarks in and around Santa Fe and use these excursions to both practice their English skills and build on their cultural knowledge of the American Southwest region. In addition to excursions, there will be many on-campus activities where VEI students can meet and make friends with other international students and American students. These activities include things like movie nights, game nights and social get-togethers.


  • 12 hours of English language instruction per week
  • Participants grouped according to their proficiency level
  • Highly qualified and experienced English language instructors
  • 6 hours of Culture & Communication Workshops per week
  • Weekly excursions allow participants to explore Santa Fe

Duration: Three weeks

English Proficiency: All participants must complete the Laureate English Placement Test

Immigration Documents: B-2 visitor visa

Minimum age: 18 years (17 years with parental waiver)

Payment Process: Directions for payment will be sent to each participant


“When I arrived four weeks ago I understood 20%. Now I am able to speak and to write, and to articulate thanks. So thanks for all. I think it is a good experience for our teachers because it is important to know the English language”- Mariano D., Italy

“It was amazing because not only did I improve my English, I also met people from a lot of countries and I learned a lot of the culture of the United States. This experience was amazing!” - Ana Karen L., Mexico

“This was a fantastic experience for me. It changed my life in personal and professional ways. Thank you Laureate and UNIFACS for this opportunity. - Alessandro L., Brazil