Program Details

Santa Fe University of Art & Design provides a complete experience with academics, housing, meals, and various student activities - all included.

2014 Academic Calendar

Semester duration: Sixteen weeks

  • January 21st – May 16th, 2014
  • September 2nd – Dec 19th, 2014

Courses at SFUAD:

The semester includes typically 3 to 4 courses which can be chosen from a variety of Studio and Lecture classes.

  • Studio Class: (4 Credits): Class meets six hours per week for 16 weeks
  • Lecture Class: (4 Credits): Class meets four hours per week for weeks
  • Each SFUAD course is usually worth two courses at your home university. Contact your International Office about more information on how the classes you take at SFUAD translate back at your home institution


On-campus housing is triple occupancy, meaning you will have (2) additional roommates. By living on campus, you will be only a minute way from the on-campus Café, Fogelson Library, the Screen, Driscoll fitness Center, and all academic classrooms form the core of the American University and Community experience. Residence Halls are furnished with beds, desks, and closets. Free internet and cable is available
to all students.

Dining on Campus:

Students participating in semester abroad at SFUAD from a Laureate International University are provided with a meal plan to use in the on-campus café. The meal plan includes fifteen meals per week, and
can be used anytime during the week or weekend. Each meal is a buffet style with many options always available to accommodate students of various dietary needs.


As an SFUAD student, you will be welcomed and included in all campus events like dances, concerts, intramural sports (soccer, basketball, dodge ball, tennis, etc.), hiking, skiing, rock climbing, and more.