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Santa Fe University of Art and Design

1600 Saint Michael’s Drive,
Santa Fe, NM 87505
Phone: 505-473-6011


Academic Affairs

Charlie Miu Director, Academic Advising 473-6713
Sharon Russell Executive Assistant, Office of Academic Affairs 473-6292
Debra Tervala Provost 473-6292
Scott Hendershot Academic Advisor 473-6316
Amanda Vanlandingham Academic Advisor 473-6040


Tamara McCool Admissions Specialist 473-6937


David Leigh Faculty 473-6566
Thomas (Tom) Miller Technical Faculty, Art 473-6562
Daisy Quezada Administrative Assistant, Art, GRDN, and DART 473-6500
Linda Swanson Dean, School of Visual and Communication Arts 473-6526


Brad Bergsbaken Chair, Business 473-6693

Business Office

Magalli Gomez Billing Manager 473-6411
Steven Posey Finance Director 473-6101
Jenny Wilson Accountant 473-6323

Career Services

Deanne Brown Director of Career Services 473-6676

Communication Design

Luke Dorman Faculty 473-6071
Mechele Hesbrook Faculty, Lab Manager, CMDN and DAVD 473-6071
Jack Sprague Chair, Digital Arts/Visual Dev & Communicaton Design 473-6427

Contemporary Music

Scott Joseph Jarrett Faculty, Contemporary Music 473-6197
Steven Paxton Faculty, Contemporary Music 473-6196
Horace Alexander Young Chair, Contemporary Music 473-6196

Creative Writing

Matt Donovan Faculty, Creative Writing 473-6296
Julia Goldberg Faculty, Creative Writing 473-6231
James Reich Chair, Creative Writing 473-6208
Anne Valente Faculty, Creative Writing 473-6679


Susanne Miller Benildus Hall Administrative Assistant 473-6200

Digital Arts/Visual Dev

David Gardner Faculty, Digital Arts/Visual Dev (DAVD) 473-6071
Jacob Lecuyer Faculty, Digital Arts/Visual Dev (DAVD) 473-6071
Jack Sprague Chair, Digital Arts/Visual Dev & Communication Design 473-6427


Betty Cesarano Vice President, Marketing and Recruitment 473-6117
Ron Denney Enrollment Advisor, Film 473-6530
Stephanie Deutsch Enrollment Advisor, Performing Arts 473-6044
Susanna (Soozi) Galante Enrollment Manager 473-6136
Cindy House Enrollment Advisor, Studio Arts & Business 473-6396
Mary Beth Lindsey Enrollment Support Coordinator 473-6650
Camilla Mandler Enrollment Advisor, Photography and Creative Writing 473-6391
Pauliina Parris Enrollment Advisor, Graphic Design, Digital Arts & International 473-6423
Jordan Solis Enrollment Advisor, Contemporary Music 473-6556


Br. Ron Bartusiak Maintenance Lock Specialist 473-6163
Dora Erives Custodian 473-6449
Daniel Gomez Maintenance Worker 473-6441
Jose Iturralde Maintenance Worker 473-6441
Ramon Morales Custodian 473-6449
Pablo Negreros Facilities Supervisor 473-6449
Oscar Nova Assistant Maintenance Supervisor 473-6441
Tom Olmstead Director, Campus-Based Facilities 473-6027
Luis Quezada Grounds, General Maintenance Worker 473-6441
Larry Samuel Safety and Security Manager 473-6445
Craig Scott Maintenance Worker 473-6441

The Film School

Terry Borst Faculty, Film School 473-6492
Liam Lockhart Associate Chair, The Film School 473-6064
Sandra Narvaez Executive Assistant 473-6400
Hank Rogerson Faculty, Film School 473-6400
Mark Sewards Technical Faculty, Film School (Grip House) 473-6400
Brad Wolfley Faculty, Film School 473-6400

Financial Aid

Anita Keim Financial Aid Counselor 473-6638
Julian Oliver Financial Aid Counselor 473-6678

Human Resources

Yolanda Smith-Mora Human Resources Manager 473-6295

Information Technology

Tyler King Systems Administrator, Apple 473-6366
Jeff Pearce Director of Campus Technology Services 473-6470
Christopher Strickland Information Technology Manager 473-6164

Institutional Research

Tiffany Rodriguez Manager of Institutional Research

Liberal Arts

Corine Frankland Chair, Liberal Arts 473-6205
Br. Don Mouton Faculty, Liberal Arts 473-6200
Hideki Nakazono Faculty, Liberal Arts 473-6466


Keynan Johnson Library Technician 473-6569
Sierra Parson Instruction and Access Services Librarian 473-6598
Margaret Van Dyk Director of Library Services 473-6960


Marianne Bland Field Representative, California
Betty Cesarano Vice President, Marketing & Recruitment 473-6117
John Denmon Field Representative, TX
Christopher Gonzales Field Representative, NM
Justin Grogan Asst Marketing Manager 473-6404
Natalie McPherson Multimedia Artist 473-6551
Leslie Sakal Field Representative, Dallas, TX
Bryce Schneider Field Representative, Colorado & Arizona
Shandi Thompson Marketing Manager 473-6706

Performing Arts

Lucian Connole Scene Shop Manager 473-6373
Chelsea Antrim Dennis Assistant Chair/Faculty, Performing Arts 473-6439
Erica Frank Faculty, Performing Arts 473-6155
Chris Hawkes Faculty, Performing Arts 473-6437
Laura Fine Hawkes Chair, Performing Arts 473-6438
Amy Johnson Administrative Assistant 473-6439
Jon Jory Faculty, Performing Arts 473-6108
Yu (Leo) Assistant Technical Director 473-6439
Kathy Morath Faculty, Performing Arts 473-6412
Shad Willingham Faculty, Performing Arts 473-6106


Wendy Hill Administrative Assistant, Photography (part-time/pm) 473-6341
Chris Nail Technical Faculty, Photography (Darkroom Manager) 424-5253
Tony O’Brien Chair, Photography 473-6559


Wendy Hill Executive Assistant to President 473-6234
Maria Puzziferro Interim President 473-6234

Public Relations

Rachael Lighty Exec Dir, External Relations, Communications & Media Relations 473-6440


Mary Angell Registrar 473-6322
Tina LaCaze Associate Registrar 473-6459

Student Life

Timothy Chambers Housing Manager 473-6003
Ryan Davis Director of Student Life 473-6176
Christine Guevara Executive Director, Student Life and Operations 473-6652
Heather Mazorow Student Life Operations Manager 473-6270
Malcom Morgan Campus Life Coordinator 473-6463
Ron Nunnelly Manager, Driscoll Fitness Center 473-6111/6370
Justin Smith Intramural Coordinator (part-time) 473-6372
Anna Arevalo Mail Room Coordinator (part-time) 473-6060