Careers in Arts Management & Entertainment Business

Our internship network is growing all the time

Thanks to the help of our Career Services center, and the fact that Santa Fe is the second-largest art market in the US. The Career Services staff spends their time developing new connections to make sure that you get hands-on experience before you leave campus. Basically, we want to make sure that you’re hot stuff before you graduate – and that means working in the industry.

Our students have worked almost anywhere you can think of: private and public galleries and museums, theatre troupes and operas, magazines and newspapers, television shows and Hollywood films. You get the point: we want you working. Because our internship is a graduation requirement for BBA Arts, Entertainment and Media Management majors, it’s not a chance – it’s a promise.

Examples of careers for BBA Arts, Entertainment and Media Management graduates:

Arts Consultant

Art Show Coordinator

Arts Marketing Strategist

Arts Policy Analyst, Lobbyist, and Researcher

Box Office and Ticketing Manager

Budget Directors in Arts Organizations

Community Education Directors

Community Liaison

Development Personnel in Arts Organizations

Fundraising and Philanthropy Director

Manager of Animation & Visual Tech Organizations

Manager of Community & Regional Theatres

Manager of Regional Dance and Music Venues

Marketing & Advertising Personnel in Arts Organizations

Media Relations

Museum Directors and Administrators

Production Management Personnel

Program Director

Radio Broadcast Studio Manager

Special Events Coordinator

Technical Directors for Performing Arts Organizations

Volunteer Coordinator

Examples of employers for BBA Arts, Entertainment and Media Management graduates:


Community Arts Organizations

Local, State, and Federal Governments




Higher Education

Radio, Television, and Film Industries


Dance and Opera Companies


Corporate Media Departments

Record Labels