Contemporary Music

Contemporary Music


You’ll be performing, composing, recording, and producing during your years as a music student – and your entire perspective on what makes up contemporary music, our contemporary music, will grow.Classical, jazz, rock, experimental, global cultures, they’re all included. Where do you fit into that equation? How is your world shaped by you and your music?

Then, take your music a step further: learn audio art and production to make yourself a real force in the marketplace. Our faculty of practicing artists helps prepare you for a career as a performer, composer and songwriter, producer, recording engineer and audio production designer, musical entrepreneur and business person, teacher, community organizer, arts advocate, or whatever combination of passions defines “music professional” for you.


#1. The student-run record label of the CMP, ARROYO RECORDS released it’s first full-length compact disc, SOUNDS FROM THE ARROYO. The eleven (11) track disc represents a new era in our music program where students not only create, perform and record their own music, but also have a mechanism to release it to the open market via a label that they operate and manage on their own. This semester we created a class in which students operate as members of THE ARROYO RECORDS LABEL GROUP (ARLG). There they are taught the internal aspects of the business structure of a record label and the specific steps in the making, manufacturing, releasing and promotion of a commercial compact disc recording. These students are currently promoting the debut release and planning the next product, which is due in April 2016.

#2. There are discussions with The Film School to create more interconnection with us to develop film scoring projects and additional courses for students who are interested in Sound Design. Several students, CMP faculty and regional music professionals contributed to the soundtrack on one of the “Shoot The Stars” projects entitled, OASIS MOTEL. This collaboration produced a stunning collection of wonderful Country songs that will enchant all that view this film and hear this music.

#3. We are placing the final touches on a specific curriculum track for students who wish to concentrate in Music Technology. While all of our students are currently exposed to the culture of recorded music (as a basic requirement), this program will allow for a more concentrated focus and as previously stated, will include a strong integration with such external media as film and theatre. Stay tuned for the formal announcement concerning this program.

#4. This semester we are offering two new classes which we feel will be great contributions to our music curriculum going forward. Studio Maintenance and Management, taught by Scott Jarrett, the Director of our Recording Studies Program, focuses on the learning of skills needed to properly operate, oversee and sustain a viable, professional studio facility. Navigating The Teaching Labyrinth, co-taught by Deborah Ungar and Melinda Russial is designed to give students training in developing the skills needed to function as a Teaching Artist. This enables them to operate and manage a private lesson studio or business, teach in after school programs in public and private institutions, give clinics and workshops independently and for music manufacturers and to prepare for educational studies at the post-graduate level. We feel very strongly that both of these classes will service a need in our student’s education that will enable them to develop employable skills that will supplement their performance-oriented efforts when they enter the professional workplace.

Join us in 2016 to be some of the next students to explore these new, exciting initiatives!