Contemporary Music


You’ll be performing, composing, recording, and producing during your years as a music student – and your entire perspective on what makes up contemporary music, our contemporary music, will grow.Classical, jazz, rock, experimental, global cultures, they’re all included. Where do you fit into that equation? How is your world shaped by you and your music?

Then, take your music a step further: learn audio art and production to make yourself a real force in the marketplace. Our faculty of practicing artists helps prepare you for a career as a performer, composer and songwriter, producer, recording engineer and audio production designer, musical entrepreneur and business person, teacher, community organizer, arts advocate, or whatever combination of passions defines “music professional” for you.


#1. We now have a 12 voice, vocal jazz ensemble which offers another performing opportunity for our rapidly growing vocal studies area. It started as an extracurricular project, but it rapidly “grew legs” and will be an addition to our performing ensembles program in Fall 2015.

#2. There are discussions with The Film School to create more interconnection with us to develop film scoring projects and additional courses for students who are interested in composing various kinds of music for film.

#3. This semester we have launched ARROYO RECORDS, which is a top to bottom, student run and operated record label. Going forward, students who are interested in preparing for various careers in the recording industry will have a hands on mechanism from which to learn. The first release will occur Spring 2015, with a compilation of compositions and songs from our program. Beginning in the Fall 2015 semester, The Film School will also be supporting our label with five music videos per school year.

#4. This spring, our students started a radio station and broadcast their first line of programming. This is an effort that has resulted from collaborative efforts across campus. More details to follow, but rest assured it is obvious that airplay for our music students will be an obvious advantage here. As we all know, no form of airplay or media exposure has ever not helped artists who are beginning their careers.

#5. We are placing the final touches on a specific curriculum track for students who wish to concentrate in Music Technology. While all of our students are currently exposed to the culture of recorded music, this program will allow for a more concentrated focus and as previously stated, will include a strong integration with such external media as film and theatre.

Join us for Fall 2015 to be some of the first students to explore these new, exciting initiatives!