Andy Zadrozny


Artist Teacher of Acoustic and Electric Bass
Director, Afro Cuban Latin Jazz Ensemble

Andy Zadrozny is an in-demand bassist, who is well versed in the performance practices and stylistic language of Jazz, Classical, Latin, Arabic, Klezmer, and other genres of globally-based music. Of the many bass teachers with whom he studied, his work with Audrey Bush, Ron Simon and Gary Karr (Classical); Buddy Catlett, Dave Holland and Ray Brown, (Jazz); Simon Shaheen (Arabic) and Marge Barstow (a student of F. Matthias Alexander), represent the core learning of his formidable approach to the technical and interpretive skills necessary to perform as an accomplished professional. He was born with perfect pitch and studied with an ear training specialist from age seven through nine. This created the foundation for what developed into a life-long interest in the art and craft of ear training as a natural process. As an adult, he developed an ear training method based on the yoga of sound. Andy is also the owner of Resonant Body LLC and is the inventor of the Resonant Body Platform, which is a sound healing table and method that uses the principles of sound yoga to treat pain, the effects of trauma, restore energetic balance, teach musical ear training, and promote well-being.

Andy ZadroznyEmail: Phone: (505) 473-6196