Charles Feilding


Instructor of Acoustics and Digital Music Technology
B.A.,Fordham University (Liberal Arts/Music)
Additional Studies:University of California at Los Angeles

Charles Feilding has established a career in music that grew from the creativity of the instrumental performance arena to his present-day involvement in the limitless atmosphere of music of the digital world. His earlier experiences in the ‘70s and ‘80s as the leader, arranger and keyboard player for the traveling rock and roll band High Street, gave him a solid footing for the understanding of the rigors of the music industry on several critical levels. However, it was in the area of sound manipulation and keyboard innovation that grew the most from the experiences of those two decades. His mid-‘80s work with the company Sequential Circuits (East Coast Sales manager) opened the door to the manufacturing aspects of the digital music industry and before long he was using his ideas of construction and design to improve the functions of electronic keyboard devices. From 1986-1991 he served as Product Manager for Digital Musical Instruments.From March 91 to September 2003, he served as the Manager of The Sound Design Office at Yamaha Corporation of America, where he trained and managed the voicing teams that created such industry standard keyboards as the SY77, TG77, SY22, TG33, SY99, TG500, TG300, SY85, W5, Vl1, VL1m, VL70m, EX5, AN1x, DJX, DJXII, S80 and many others. He also developed new techniques for the management and processing of sample data. Since coming to SFUAD, he has established a high standard of instruction in the learning and application of the methodology of digital music.

Charles Feilding Email: Phone: (505) 473-6196