Start your application for Creative Writing

First Year Students

Deciding where to go to college is probably the most difficult decision you’ve ever had to make – but it doesn’t have to be scary. We have Enrollment Advisors to help you through every step of the process, which means you’ll have a real human being (and a friend!) in your corner while you navigate the world of college applications.

For First Year Students, we require:

  • Personal Information: your profile and contact information
  • Academic Information: details about your academic background
  • Employment Information: your work history

Submit your online application with the following:

  • Official transcript(s)
  • Test scores are optional
  • $50 Application Fee
  • Your completed portfolio

Read more about First Year Student requirements.

Transfer Students

We work very closely with Transfer Students to move as many of their earned credits from previous institutions into SFUAD credits as possible. Your Enrollment Advisor can assist you with a conversation about transferring your credits at any point in your enrollment process – you don’t have to wait until you’re an accepted student. For Transfer Students, our application requires: ·

  • Official transcript(s)
  • Test scores are optional
  • $50 Application Fee
  • Your completed portfolio

Read more about Transfer Student requirements.

International Students

We welcome international students from around the globe every year at SFUAD. To understand eligibility, Visa requirements, and our application process, visit our International Student Application.

Your Creative Writing Portfolio

If you’re applying for acceptance into the Creative Writing Department, you are required to submit a portfolio with 10-12 pages (maximum) of your best writing. You may submit work within one genre or a mix of genres, not exceeding 12 pages total. Genres include poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction/personal essay, play, and screenplay. Submit your work as one or more digital file:

  • Designate the first page as a cover sheet listing your contact information: name, address, email, and phone number.
  • Next, please present a brief (1-2 pages) overview of your writing experience, addressing the following questions:
    1. How long have you been writing?
    2. What kinds of writing do you like to do?
    3. What do you like about the genres you write in (poetry, plays, stories, memoir, etc.)? What writing classes (if any) have you taken?
    4. Name one or two of your favorite writers and briefly discuss what inspires you about their work.

Next, include your 10-12 pages of portfolio material. Double-space and paginate the text, and include your name within the header or footer of each page.

You’ll submit your portfolio through SlideRoom as part of your online application.

There will also be a personal statement required (guidelines here).

For more information and advice on preparing your portfolio, please contact our enrollment advisors at 1-877-732-5977 or