Graphic Design and Digital Arts

It’s nearly impossible to interact in the world today without experiencing some form of Graphic Design or Digital Art.

Our Graphic Design students learn cutting-edge techniques on relevant software to help them prepare for the workplace – while still understanding that design is, in fact, an art form. We’ll prepare you to create a portfolio of such professional quality, you’ll be ready to go the day you don your cap and gown. In Digital Arts, you’ll become an expert at visual development and concept design – whether it’s for film, theatre, animation, character design, or something else altogether. Housed inside our School of Visual and Communication Arts, our Communication Design degrees are truly well-rounded. You’ll not only benefit from interacting with other design students, but your proximity and access to Studio Arts and Photography faculty and students mean a broader perspective on what makes Design possible. This level of collaboration prepares you for the professional world of artistic teamwork, and will get you thinking outside the box of your specific artforms.