Film Biz Hub

Meet our on-campus industry connections through the Film Biz Hub

The FilmBizHub at the Film School is our way of bringing the industry onto campus – along with our productions at Garson Studios! By inviting industry-based business into the Film School, we’ve created opportunities for internships, workshops, classes, and partnerships that couldn’t exist without these cutting-edge artists. More connections rotate through the campus frequently, so check back soon for additional companies and industry-related organizations!

Color Chart

Born out of a string of collaborative work in Prague, Czech Republic, Color Chart is a filmmaking collective based in New York City. Color Chart’s work has been featured in festivals, television, and in publications in both the United States and Europe. Student interns assist in both production and post production jobs on a variety of documentary, commercial and music video projects. Tasks are crafted based on the interns interest and will provide them real world experience in the film industry.

Tristan Love: Tristan Love is an award winning filmmaker and editor based in New York City and New Mexico. He is an alumnus of the College of Santa Fe, and studied cinematography at the Film and Television School of the Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU) in Prague. His work has screened on television and in festivals worldwide. He is also a founding member of filmmaking collective Color Chart. Learn more about Color Chart at


IN:DEEP Arts is a full-service multimedia production & design company specializing in a wide range of services including Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing, Motion Graphics,Film Production, Web Development, Video Editing & Sound Design. Additionally, IN:DEEP Arts recently launched it’s Music Licensing division at, through which they manage copyright leasing and song placement for a growing team of music producers from around the country.

Justin Galante: J Galenti, aka “JustScience” is a multimedia artist and music producer in Santa Fe, NM. Born in Buffalo, NY trained in Chicago, IL and polished in the Bay Area, CA - J.Sci has a wide range of musical styles and artistic talents and now runs his production company in the mountains of Santa Fe. As a digital artist, J’s skills range from photo manipulation and motion graphics to sound design and video editing. He has also excelled in interface & web design, special effects compositing, and videography. With J’s wide range of interests and skills, he has dubbed the movement of “the New Renaissance” with a focus on his “JustScience” philosophy.

IN:DEEP Arts offers a variety of real-world experiences for students who choose to intern with the company. All interns are treated as a unified team, and meet weekly to discuss and plan social media marketing strategies together. Additionally, typical student tasks and projects include blog and script writing, weekly video productions, editing and motion graphics, sound design, advertisement design & copywriting, social post scheduling, SEO breakdowns, website maintenance and new client acquisition. As an intern at IN:DEEP Arts, students should expect to learn what it takes to run and market an independent multimedia production studio.

Learn more about IN:DEEP Arts at &

Midthunder Casting

Midthunder Casting is a casting company with twenty years of experience casting over fifty films and television shows and nearly a hundred commercials. Midthunder Casting is helmed by Angelique Midthunder, an Emmy-nominated member of the Casting Society of America and the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences - and partners with Jennifer Schwalenberg, former Deputy Director of the New Mexico Film Office. In our first year at SFUAD as a part of the Film Biz Hub we have invited interns to work in the casting office during auditions running camera & reading with actors, as well as learning and participating in the daily workings of the casting office. Interns worked on a national Coca-Cola commercial, hosted Los Angeles Casting Directors at industry events, and auditioned as actors for feature films, including a director session with Neil Labute.

Angelique Midthunder: Angelique Midthunder began her career in casting in the late 1990’s in New Mexico, before working in Los Angeles for many years. She returned to New Mexico nearly 10 years ago to continue her career in Santa Fe, garnering an Emmy nomination for the Lifetime movie “Georgia O Keeffe” directed by Bob Balaban.

Jennifer Schwalenberg: Jennifer Schwalenberg spent five years in Los Angeles working for a prominent commercial casting company before moving to Santa Fe where she became Deputy Director of the New Mexico Film Office. After eight years of service to the Film Office, she went back to her love of casting and joined the Midthunder team in 2013.

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The Loyal Group

The Loyal Group LLC is an internet based company focusing on ecommerce sales, video training programs, podcasting, and internet marketing consulting. By leveraging internet marketing, we can help students market their films and themselves professionally increasing the odds of industry professionals finding them. Interns help us produce and edit podcasts, video training sessions, websites, and promotional products in every area of our business.

Phil Hudson: Phil Hudson has been involved in Internet Marketing for over five years. During that time he has worked in many capacities of Internet Marketing: Sales, Account Management, Service, etc. He has owned the operated multiple commerce websites generating mid six figures in annual revenue and spoken at industry conferences about internet marketing.

Learn more about The Loyal Group at

Film 4 Change

Film 4 Change is an Emmy Award winning production company focused on bringing the stories of the world to diverse communities through writing, producing and distribution. Film 4 Change specializes in producing films and art related events such as AMFM Fest, a festival of art, music, film and more in California’s Coachella Valley, the Albuquerque Film Festival in partnership with ABQ Comicon, Durango Film in Colorado and CineVision, a student focused festival at Santa Fe University of Art and Design.

Film 4 Change launched in 2005 with the creation of the Cancun International Film Festival and now has offices in CA, AZ, NM and will open an office in New York City in 2015. Each year, we present the Dennis Lee Hopper Award with past recipients including Dennis Hopper, Dean Stockwell, Alex Cox and Viggo Mortensen at one of our festivals. We are currently in post-production on the feature film “Serpent in the Bottle” starring Michael Madsen and John Diehl and are in development on two feature films slated for production in 2015.

Film 4 Change is honored to be part of The Film School Film Biz Hub and to help generate an entrepreneurial spirit in the next generation of content creators. Our interns have an opportunity to work in development of film and television concepts as well as production of festivals and films. We cherish the opportunity to help introduce students to an exciting and evolving industry driven by passion, creativity and ingenuity.

Rich Henrich: An Emmy Award-winning Director and nominated writer, Rich Henrich is a screenwriter, mentor and producer of films and festivals as well as director of the for-social-profit, Film 4 Change, a story powered community of artists based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He is currently the founder and programmer for AMFM Fest and Albuquerque Film Festival and guides the student –run CineVision at SFUAD. His work has screened at SXSW, Santa Fe Film Festival, AMFM Fest and beyond. He has produced narrative films featuring Michael Madsen, Giancarlo Esposito and other great actors. He is attached to produce a film with Viggo Mortensen set to lead and is currently in post-production on Serpent in the Bottle, a psychological thriller starring Michael Madsen and John Diehl. His documentary projects focus on eccentric cowboy artists and other fascinating characters of the Southwest frontier. His latest short story “$12,000 REINDEER,” can be found in the Gen F collection, edited by HuffPost’s Gordy Grundy. His obsession is to help infuse the world with independent voices and to help his students become self-sufficient artrepreneurs. Henrich is currently Contributing Faculty at The Film School at Santa Fe University of Art and Design.

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Three Chicks and a Spur

Three Chicks and a Spur (3CS) is a Santa Fe based production company focused on developing concepts for film, television and multimedia projects. Currently, 3CS is in post-production on the feature film “Serpent in the Bottle,” a psychological thriller starring John Diehl and Michael Madsen. Over 8 students from The Film School at SFUAD are working on this editing project.

The company is currently headquartered at The Film Biz Hub, an entrepreneurial incubator at The Film School and is committed to professional development in the industry. 3CS mentors a number of film interns each semester in all aspects of development and production. The company also strives to build and support the New Mexico film and media industry. The production company is comprised of local production company NM Film Production Services LLC, along with three SFUAD contributing faculty members.

Belle Allen: Multi-talented Belle Allen is a Location Manager and Assistant Director as well as a Writer, Director and Producer on music videos, commercials and films.

Alessandra Khalsa: Award nominated Alessandra Khalsa is an Editor, Director and Producer, who started her career on “Men in Black 2.”

Rich Henrich: Emmy Award winning Writer/ Producer, Rich Henrich, who also heads up Film 4 Change, a producer of films and festivals.

Cosmic Forces (Satellite Location)

Specializing in high-end animation, motion graphics, and new media for feature films and television, Cosmic Forces is headed up by a team who have credits with Disney, New Line, Sony Pictures, PBS, and more. Current projects include animation for popular manga Bizenghast and app development for Poppycat, a children’s Spanish/English language game. The talented employees at Cosmic Forces have received multiple Oscar and Emmy awards for animation and visual effects. The team occasionally teach workshops at SFUAD, and offer internships to SFUAD film students interested in animation and motion graphics.

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12FPS (Satellite Location)

This creative agency does it all – from developing animated infographics to producing music videos with GooglePlay. Their client roster includes Google and Adobe, as many other Fortune 100 members. Students and alumni have already become involved with 12FPS - Film students Seth Fuller (’14) and Maria Marquez (’15) also assisted on motion graphics and animation for an Adidas commercial, on which alumnus Tristan Love (’09) served as the commercial’s primary editor. The agency hopes to extend opportunities to other departments, including Studio Art and Performing Arts. The key to 12FPS’s success: devoting time to “passion projects,” where employees can find the crossroads of what they love and what they earn a paycheck for – proving that you really can do what you love for a living.

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