Contemporary Music Audition

Contemporary Music Audition


  • You must present two or three prepared pieces or excerpts, in contrasting styles, that demonstrate your performance, composition, and/or songwriting abilities.
  • If you are skilled on more than one instrument (including voice), feel free to include additional performances, but try not to exceed 15 minutes of total performance time.
  • You should demonstrate basic musicianship skills: You may choose to present a brief recorded example of your work as a musician, music producer, music technologist, sound designer, composer, or songwriter.


  • This is your chance to tell us about your musical background, goals, and aspirations, as well as any other information you believe will help us in the decision process. This could include further explanation of your supporting materials and/or recordings.
  • A brief question-and-answer session with CMP faculty members will follow.

Most students audition and interview for the Contemporary Music program in person. But if you’re unable to visit campus, you can interview by phone and submit a digitally recorded audition through SlideRoom. Either way, you must create a profile in SlideRoom as part of your online application, where you’ll upload your personal statement (prompt/questions are available in SlideRoom).

For more information and advice on preparing for your audition, please contact our enrollment advisors at 1-877-732-5977 or