Tuition and Fees

Tuition and Fees

Making it easy for you to understand the costs of your art school education

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On average students pay between $6,000 - $9,500 in tuition and fees.*

College affordability is a major concern for all of the students and families we work with, and we want to make sure we are always giving you the clearest picture of what the cost of attending SFUAD looks like. While there are many factors that add to cost of attendance beyond tuition, things like general fees, housing, and meals, there are also a number of institutional scholarships and federal aid available to help balance out costs. When you subtract your financial aid and scholarships from total tuition, fees and room & board, you end up with your out of pocket costs.

In the example to the right, we have provided you with an idea of the average costs per year for a student like you studying at SFUAD. Remember, your situation will be unique and these figures are averages only. These averages cannot take into account any outside financial assistance you may receive due to additional scholarships and awards, military benefits, etc. Please also be aware that housing and meal costs don’t necessarily go away if you don’t live on campus and should still be included as part of a college budget. As a service for our students, SFUAD provides a number of payment plan options to help you keep your finances balanced and your college career on track. For a full picture of your personal cost of attendance, be sure to apply for scholarships, submit your FAFSA, and discuss your award letter with your Enrollment and Financial Aid advisors.

Refer to the table below for a look at tuition based on program, housing and meal plan options and general fees.

Financial Policy / Financial Disclosure

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Tuition: Creative Writing, Graphic Design, Digital Arts, Arts Management
Full time (12-18 credit hours, semester) $9,212.00
Part time (1–11 credit hours) $692/credit hour
Overload (over 18 credits) per credit $402.50/credit hour
Program Fee $500/semester
Tuition: The Film School, Performing Arts, Studio Arts, Contemporary Music, Photography
Full time (12-18 credit hours, semester) $14,923
Part time (1–11 credit hours) $1,119/credit hour
Overload (over 18 credits) per credit $721.50/credit hour
Program Fee $500/semester

General Fees:
Application fee (payable once, nonrefundable) $50
Student Activities Fee $350/semester
Graduation fee $125
Private Lesson Fees $420 - $540 per credit hour
Advanced Placement credit $75/credit hour
CLEP credit $75/credit hour
DANTES fee (per credit) $75
Course Challenge $75/credit hour
Duplicate diploma fee $50
Technology fee $400/semester
Student Health Insurance fee $1036/year
Expedited Transcript Fee (official and unofficial) $15
Official Transcript Fee $10
Unofficial Transcript Fee $5
Return Check Fee $35
  • Plan A- 19 meals per week
  • Plan A2- 12 meals per week and 350 Flex points per semester

  • Plan B– 15 meals per week
  • Plan B2- 10 meals per week and 250 flex points per semester

Plan C – 7 meals per week $961/semester
Plan D – 450 flex points per semester $495/semester
Triple (no air conditioning) $1,820/semester
Double (no air conditioning) $2,716/semester
Double with Air Conditioning $2,850/semester
Single - King Hall $3,290/semester
Double with Ensuite & Air conditioning $3,075/semester

Campus Apartments -
Single room in two-bedroom apartment

Campus Apartments - 12 Month Contract $4,500/semester

* Students enrolling in 2015-16 academic year - on average annual tuition and fees paid.

**Students residing in residence halls must select one A or B meal plan. Students residing in campus apartments must select one of the meal plans.

Other Fees

Private lessons and small group fees

Bursar’s Office

Phone: 1-877-747-7719
Office Hours: Monday thru Friday 7:30am - 3:30pm

Cashier’s Office

Phone: 1-877-397-7502; 1-505-473-6411
Office Hours: Monday thru Friday 8:00am - 12:00 and 1:00pm - 5:00pm

***All tuition and fees are subject to change