Dream Careers Internships

Dream Careers Internships

Work in the industry and travel the world!

We take internships and global experiences seriously at SFUAD, and we are pleased to be partnering with Dream Careers – which can offer students both! SFUAD and Dream Careers are now offering students the chance for an 8-week summer internship. Internship sites span from LA to New York, London to Hong Kong, and students accepted into the program have a large number of sites to choose from at companies you can hardly believe in over 30 different areas.

Students who are accepted into the internship program will be guaranteed an internship, along with housing in their host city, on-site support staff, transportation to and from work, access to career development and networking workshops, and support obtaining their visas (oh – and of course you get academic credit too). However, it should be noted that you as the student would be responsible for getting to and from your host city.

Access to Dream Careers Internships is available for students in all of SFUAD’s majors who are in good academic standing. Junior and Senior level students are definitely encouraged to apply, but even Sophomore students can participate with the approval of their department chair.

To get more information about internship opportunities, visit the Dream Careers website at http://www.summerinternships.com/.