Our Students

Our Students

Who are our students?


We’ve designed our Online Film Certificate Programs with two distinct types of students in mind:

The Dreamers: You dream of a career in the entertainment industry.You may one day move to Los Angeles to find work or write/shoot/produce the next hot indie or viral web series in your backyard.

The Career-Changers: You want to learn filmmaking and storytelling tools to achieve career goals or make a career transition.

These profiles may sound at odds, but the skill sets each need to develop are largely the same. Whether you want to make media for marketing, edit wedding videos, or write and direct the next great box office champ, you still need to understand the basics, such as:

  • How to tell a story visually.
  • How to convey your ideas to target audiences and collaborators.
  • How to win assignments by successfully pitching your creative vision.

All assignments are created with strong focus on industry relevance and pushes you to stretch your creative muscles.

These programs focus on developing real-world skills with practical applications. We call these “skills that pay the bills.” If you’re going to learn to use a camera, you might as well learn how to shoot an interview, which is a necessary building block for a wide range of media. Not to mention the kind of paying assignment that someone starting out may get.

Santa Fe University of Art and Design is one of the only schools in the USA that gives you college credit for classes you take in the Online Film Certificate.

“I am learning from people who are in the industry or have worked in it that really understand what it takes to be successful. … The program is an affordable, convenient option - can work and still take classes - and get a great education.” — Jonathan McFaul, working toward his Short Certificate in Directing