Student Voice

Student Voice

Mission and Vision Statements:

The mission of Student Voice at Santa Fe University of Art and Design is to provide students with the opportunity to be involved in making a positive change on campus. We do so by working directly with the student body and with administration. Providing them with the
information they need to create a positive and creative learning environment for students.

Not only will we provide a way for students to get involved with the school, we will help them gain valuable skills focused in team building, hard work, creative planning and civil service.

Student Leadership:

President: Nicholas Thomas

Vice-President: Bryan Seigel

Academic Experience Chair: Cynthia Lukman

Campus Improvement Chair: Caleb Garvin

Communication Chair: Rufino Medrano

Asst. Communication Chair: Megan Colburn

Safety and Security Chair: Jamie Haug

Student Experience Chair: Riley Gardner

Technology Chair: Dylan Marlow



Phone: (505) 473-6659