Housing Requirements

Housing Requirements

National research indicates that living on campus contributes to greater overall satisfaction with the college experience and greater academic achievement. This research shows that students living on campus:

  • tend to have higher overall GPAs
  • are much more likely to complete their college degree within 4 years;
  • are more satisfied with their living environments;
  • are more likely to graduate and to enter graduate school;
  • meet more diverse people;
  • are exposed to a wider range of ideas and cultures;
  • develop greater artistic interests;
  • develop strong interpersonal skills;
  • have more contact with faculty and other students;
  • are more likely to have greater self-esteem.

Due to the important role on campus housing plays in the college experience, the Santa Fe University of Art and Design requires students to live in university housing their first two years out of high school.

Please Note: All New Students and those currently in housing MUST complete either a Housing Application or a Commuter Request Form. In accordance with university policy and the current two-year residential requirement, students failing to complete either form will have charges applied to their account; however, will not receive a housing assignment until they complete the Housing Application.

Commuter Requests

While students who have been out of high school less than two years are required to reside in the University-operated hall for their first four semesters of residence, the University occasionally makes exceptions. For more information, please visit the Commuter Request page.

Cancellation Policy

Housing contracts are for the entire Academic Year (Fall and Spring) or balance remaining at the time of assignment. However, residence hall contracts may be cancelled by students who have withdrawn from the University, taken a leave of absence, or are enrolled in an approved study abroad experience. For more information on cancellations, please see refer to the housing contract.