Residence Halls

Residence Halls

Living on campus for your first two years is an important way to develop important connections with your fellow artists…not to mention the life-long friendships!

Our four residence halls and four apartment buildings help fulfil the requirement that all Freshmen and Sophomores live on campus. At SFUAD, we believe that living on campus for your first two years is an important way to develop important connections with your fellow artists…not to mention the life-long friendships! Plus – you can run to your studio at 2 a.m. when inspiration strikes. Or have a snowball fight on the Quad first thing in the morning when you wake up on a snow day!

There are ton of social benefits – like making close friends who’ll become future collaborators for your artistic lifestyle – but there’s also statistical info that backs us up: students who live on campus are 87% more likely to graduate on time – and you’ll get better grades. Plus, you’ll never miss out on the last-minute plans that happen on campus, like midnight movies or running to the school store for cookies during your cramming sessions during finals week.

We have a variety of different dorm room set-ups: singles, doubles, triples, apartments, all to fit your different personalities.


King Hall: Our largest residence hall. This three story building has four wings with both single gender and co-ed floors. Each hall has its own TV lounge in addition to the main lounge on the first floor. Triple rooms are 12.5’ x 16’ and single rooms are 9’ x 11’.

Kennedy Hall: Our residence hall for new students, this two story building has two wings with single gender floors. This building features two study rooms, a large central lounge, and a courtyard. All rooms are double occupancy and are 11.6’ x 16.5’. Each room has a sink and carpeted floors.

St. Michael’s Hall: This two story, air-conditioned building is also popular with returning students. The A wing of this hall is co-ed with en-suite bathrooms (two rooms that share a single bathroom). The B 100 floor is our gender neutral hall. The B 200 floor is co-ed and all rooms are double occupancy. A wing rooms are 9’ x 17’ and B wing rooms are 12’ x 17’.

Mountain View Apartments: One of our most popular housing options, this two story apartment complex is comprised of four buildings. All apartments have two bedrooms – each bedroom is 11’ x 10’, is single occupancy, and has its own bathroom. Each apartment is air-conditioned and has a full kitchen.

The residence halls offer both co-ed and single gender floors. Co-ed floors have two restrooms, one for women and one for men. (click on residence hall name to see a scale drawing of the floor plan)

Triple Room Information

With more students than ever making SFUAD their choice for higher education, we are offering a number of triples at a reduced rate in order to meet the high demand for student housing.

Each triple room is furnished to accommodate three residents with a set of bunk beds and a lofted bed, three desks, three chairs, and dresser space for three. Triple rooms are located in King Hall. Each resident is charged at a reduced triple room rate. If, during the course of the year, one of the roommate’s moves out, the remaining occupants will not be charged a double room rate… occupants should understand that they could be assigned a new roommate at any time during the course of the year.

The idea of three people sharing a room may cause anxiety for some students and parents. However:

  • At other universities offering triples, more often than not, when students living in those triple rooms are given the opportunity to move to a double room, they decline the offer because of the connections they’ve already forged with their roommates.
  • Most students value their connections with roommates, the residence hall community, and the SFUAD campus more than they value spacious rooms. In surveys, we complete each year, student satisfaction is related much more to the connections they make with each other as compared to the physical nature of their surroundings.
  • Some students and parents appreciate this more economical housing option. Check out the 2016 Rates to see the savings! Housing Office staff is confident that, while triple rooms do not afford as much personal space or privacy as double or single rooms, students assigned to triple rooms will quickly adapt, and even enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to develop close relationships with their roommates.

Residence Hall Furnishings

Santa Fe University of Art and Design residence hall rooms come furnished with beds, closets/wardrobes, dressers, desks and desk chairs. Mattresses are twin extra-long size (80” x 36”). Santa Fe University of Art and Design Mountain View Quads are fully furnished with a love seat, dining table, two dining chairs, coffee table, XL twin beds, 2 desks, 2 desk chairs, 2 nightstands, and 2 wardrobes. Kitchens include full-size appliances: refrigerator with ice maker, double sink with garbage disposal, full sized stove and microwave. Students provide their own pots, pans, dishes, glasses, and utensils. The bathrooms are equipped with a bathtub and medicine cabinet. Shower curtain is supplied by student. All furniture provided is the property of Santa Fe University of Art and Design.

Local telephone service, high speed Internet, and laundry are free to all campus residents. However, students need to provide their own computer, and TV. Every student lounge is outfitted with cable TV. Learn more about what to bring.


All students are permitted to have cars on campus for a minimal parking fee. Santa Fe also maintains a bus system with a stop at the entrance of campus.

Disabilities and Special Needs

Accommodations are available for students with disabilities or medical conditions. Accommodations that may meet the needs of students with such requirements may be, but are not limited to: accessible rooms and facilities for students with physical disabilities and medical needs. Appropriate supporting documentation from a healthcare professional is required. If you have any questions, or require special accommodations, feel free to contact the Housing and Residential Life Office at 1-505-473-6463 or