What to Bring

What to Bring

You may need to make choices about what to leave behind – and what absolutely must come with you!

We want to make your transition into residential life as easy as possible, so we’ve created some documents that include packing lists for your dorm room, your classes, and more.

We also have the Future Artists Facebook Page, where you can ask current students questions about whether you absolutely need those sixteen winter coats, or a formal dress.?


Welcome to your new home away from home! Our entire staff is excited to have you join our campus community. By now, you’re probably eager to pack and get ready for your arrival on campus. This is an exciting time in your life as you begin a new chapter. You are about to experience an adventure of a lifetime! Before you head out the door, let’s make sure you have everything you need.


  • All rooms/suites are fully furnished and include the following furniture/fixtures:
  • All beds: Twin extra-long bed frame and mattress
  • Desk and desk chair.
  • Wardrobe or closet.
  • Curtains or blinds.
  • Wireless internet.
  • Campus apartments come furnished with:
  • A fuII-size refrigerator, stove, and microwave.
  • Kitchen table & chairs, loveseat and coffee table.
  • All residence halls have a microwave in the lounge.


You don’t want to leave all the comforts of home behind, do you? Here are some things you’ll need to provide for your residence hall room:

  • Linens: Blankets, sheets, pillows, towels. Mattress topper/pad if you desire.
  • Laundry supplies (laundry for residential students is free, so you can leave your quarters at home).
  • Health insurance information.
  • Plan to work on campus or in Santa Fe? You will need your original Social Security Card. Copies are not accepted for employment.
  • Soap/shampoo/conditioner.
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Deodorant.
  • Shaving supplies.
  • Hair care products/hair dryer, curling iron, etc.
  • First Aid supplies.
  • Shower sandals.
  • Shower caddy or bucket.
  • Mini-Fridge: these are permitted (but not required!) up to a size of 3 cubic feet.

Note about Saint Michael’s A wing – ensuite rooms: Residents of ensuite rooms are responsible for providing bathroom supplies and cleaning their own bathrooms. Please coordinate with your suitemates for purchasing cleaning supplies and
other essentials, such as shower curtains and bathmats.


In addition to items above, apartment residents should bring the following items. Don’t forget to coordinate with your roommate to see if they already have some of the items.

  • Cleaning supplies (broom, mop and bucket).
  • Pots and pans.
  • Dishes.
  • Plastic storage containers.
  • Dish towels.
  • Paper towels.
  • Silverware.
  • Cooking utensils.
  • Cups and glasses.
  • Dishwashing soap.
  • Bathroom and kitchen mats/rugs.
  • Shower curtain and rings.
  • Apartment residents only may have: toasters, blenders, woks, or crock pots. These items should only be used in the kitchen.

Important note: All university supplied furniture and fixtures must remain in residence hall rooms/suites and may not be removed. Please remember you are sharing space with others; please do not bring additional furniture or large musical instruments.


Please leave the following items at home; they are NOT PERMITTED:

  • Martial arts equipment, guns, other weapons including fake guns, props etc.
  • Paintball, air or BB guns.
  • Knives larger than 4 inches.
  • Swords and other blades.
  • No Pets! (FISH are the only exception in an aquarium of a maximum of 5 gallons).
  • Air conditioning units and ceiling fans.
  • Halogen lamps.
  • Space heaters or any portable heater.
  • Candles and incense.
  • In residence halls (dorms): Microwave ovens, electric skillets or woks, toasters & toaster ovens, crock pot, hot plates, or any open coil heating elements, grills & sandwich makers. The only microwaves permitted are MicroFridge units rented from Collegiate Concepts.
  • Shot glasses and/or other alcohol paraphernalia.
  • Cinderblocks.·
  • Deep fryers, charcoal, electric and/or gas grills.
  • Secondhand furniture. Furniture sold in thrift stores or found for free can contain bed bugs or other pests. Please do not bring second hand furniture to campus – students are responsible for the cost of pest control if they introduce pests to the residence halls or apartments.
  • Hookas


Students are strongly advised to speak to their parent’s insurance company or to obtain renter’s insurance for personal property.

The University is not responsible for your personal property and we do not provide insurance for your personal belongings. Insurance should cover you in case of fire or water damage, theft and other unforeseen events. Many policies include coverage for belongings damaged or lost outside the room (cell phones, laptops, etc.) and coverage can continue if a student moves off campus in subsequent years.

In addition, students may want to consider purchasing liability coverage for damage done to campus facilities as a result of accident or mishap in case they are found to be at fault for damage done beyond their belongings (for example, leaving
something on the stove and causing smoke or fire damage to the building). Many policies that provide coverage for belongings do not include this kind of coverage. For more information visit www.nssi.com.

It is also highly recommended to register your valuables including, cell phones, iPods & iPads, computers, bicycles, cameras with the manufacturer. If possible, etch your name on these items and keep the serial numbers in a safe and secure location for future reference.

To protect your property and valuables always lock your door! If you lose your key, notify the housing office immediately so we can change your lock and issue you a new key. The cost for a lock change is $65. Remember, a lock change is always less expensive than the cost to replace your valuables.

  • Here are some proactive tips to help you safeguard your belongings.
  • Engrave or etch your name on all of your electronic devices—TV, game consoles, DVD player, bike, or computer.
  • Lock and password protect your devices (cell phones, iPods, computer etc.).
  • Write down and log the serial numbers for your electronic devices, and register your electronic items with the manufacture.
  • Purchase a safe to keep small valuables locked and secure.
  • Do not allow people in your room when you are not present.
  • Do not give anyone (including your roommate) your passwords.
  • Leave irreplaceable items such as jewelry and family heirlooms at home.
  • Lock your door and windows when you are not home.
  • Report missing belongings to campus security immediately.
  • Do not prop entrance doors open; if you see a door propped open, close it.


To get ready for your trip to Santa Fe, pack things that you’ll need right away when you get here so that they are easy to find. It’s also a good idea to pack items in crates or storage bins, which you can use later for room decoration or storage.
Many retailers and department stores can ship your belongings directly to the university. Some stores like Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, Wal-Mart and K-Mart will allow you to purchase online or at your local store, and pick up your items in the store location here in Santa Fe. Be sure to check with your local and online retailer for more details.


Label your boxes as you pack so you’ll know what’s in them when you unpack. If you’re shipping items, write the contents on the inside flap of the box.

Items shipped to campus should not arrive prior to Monday, August 24th. You will receive your mailbox assignment via email on Friday, August 14th. Please do not send any items to campus without your campus mailbox number.

The address to ship your belongings:

Jane Doe (Incoming Student)

Santa Fe University of Art and Design

1600 St Michael’s Drive Box #(XXX)

Santa Fe, NM 87505


Santa Fe University of Art and Design is unable to accommodate early arrivals. Please plan your transportation accordingly. If you must arrive in Santa Fe early, you will need to arrange to stay in a hotel. Please refer to the SFUAD website for check in dates.