A list of the most commonly asked questions about Santa Fe University

Career Preparation/Experience

Are work/study options available?

Yes, for students who meet the criteria for work-study, various on-campus and off-campus options are available. Students can also locate nonprofit positions and apply to the Financial Aid Office for acceptance as work-study.

Does Santa Fe University of Art and Design offer internship assistance?

Yes. Our Career Services coordinator helps students find and obtain internships in their fields. Film students also have opportunities to intern on professional productions on campus at Garson Studios.

What kinds of careers do Santa Fe University of Art and Design programs help prepare me for?

Our degree programs help prepare students for employment in various facets of the arts and business, from designing or editing publications and films to working as theatre managers and producers and as performers, marketers, and educators. A degree from Santa Fe University of Art and Design prepares students for versatile and collaborative work, helping them become well-rounded, creative professionals. Feel free to contact an enrollment advisor at 1-800-456-2673 for more information.

How will a Santa Fe University of Art and Design degree prepare me for the job market?

Our interdisciplinary curriculum provides a solid academic foundation while helping prepare students for employment in their major. It helps provide graduates with the practical skills and knowledge to thrive in a competitive job market.


Are auditions required?

Performing Arts and Contemporary Music students must perform an audition/interview.

See details about Performing Arts auditions (acting and music theatre).

See details about Contemporary Music auditions.

You can also contact an enrollment advisor for more information at 1-800-456-2673.

What is the application process?

New students must submit high school transcripts, a personal statement, and an application. SAT/ACT scores are optional. Transfer students who have at least 15 college credits do not need to submit high school transcripts. Portfolios or auditions – depending on the department – are required for all applicants.

What is the deadline for applying to Santa Fe University of Art and Design?

We’re on a rolling admission and accept applications throughout the year.

Does the university offer scholarships? How do I apply?

Yes. We offer scholarships based on merit and talent, and counselors’ and teachers’ recommendations. Visit our Scholarships page for details.

What fees are there?

Find a list of all tuition and fees here.

How much is tuition for undergraduate art programs?

Tuition is dependent upon your program. Creative Writing, Graphic Design, Digital Arts, and Arts Management, for the 2016-2017 Academic year, listed tuition at $9,212.00 per semester for a full time student, and $692/credit hour for a part time student. For The Film School, Performing Arts, Studio Arts, Contemporary Music, and Photography, for the 2016-2017 Academic year, tuition was listed at $14,923 per semester for a full time student, and $1,119/credit hour for a part time student.

Student Life

Where can my parents and other guests stay when they visit?

Local accommodations abound. Some available options are listed here – these particular hotels offer discounts to families visiting SFUAD.

What can I do in Santa Fe?

Santa Fe and the surrounding area offer a wide range of cultural activities, performances, festivals, galleries, museums, and more. You can ski in Taos, visit Madrid, and soak in the Jemez hot springs, among many other options. For more information on activities and places of interest, visit www.santafe.org.

How close is the campus to grocery stores, movie theatres, and malls?

Two grocery stores are located right next to the campus. Local grocers, Trader Joe’s, Sunflower Market, Whole Foods, a mall, and a multiple movie theatres are less than three miles away and can easily be reached by public transportation. On campus, the university’s premier cinematheque, The Screen, showcases some of the world’s finest art and independent cinema.

Can I have a car on campus? Are other transportation options available?

Yes, you’re welcome to have a car, and ample parking is available on campus. City buses also stop near the college entrance.

Do I need my own computer?

Many students choose to bring their own computers, but there are also computer labs on campus for you to use.

What clubs or organizations can I join?

We host a variety of student organizations. A few examples: Movie Night at The Screen, COLORS: GSA Club, Student Writer’s Association, and the Photography Society.

Does the university offer any recreational sports activities?

We offer fitness center activities and intramural programs based on student interests and input.

What kind of extracurricular activities are available?

Santa Fe University of Art and Design holds concerts, open-mike nights, lectures, movie screenings, intramural sports leagues, and many other free events for students. There are also organized trips for skiing, hiking, etc.

When is the cafeteria open?

Current café hours are always listed on the Bon Appetit website.

Does the university offer meal plans?

We have four meal plans for residence halls, as well as “flex dollar” options. Students living in

residence halls must choose one of the four plans. Students living in apartment complexes have additional plan options, or may opt for no plan. Meal plans run by the week; they do not roll over to following weeks.

Students may add flex dollars to their accounts to use during the semester for snacks.

When can new students move in?

Please consult the orientation calendar for your academic year or contact your enrollment advisor to see when your move-in date is!

Can I live in the university apartments or in other off-campus housing?

Apartments and apartment programming are for juniors and seniors. Freshmen and sophomores must live on campus. Exceptions for students and the appeal process are outlined in the Student Handbook.

What are the residence hall policies?

All policies are listed in the Student Handbook.

Does the university have co-ed residence halls?

Residence halls are co-ed, but floors are generally gender-specific.

Does the university offer student housing?

Yes, we have four traditional residence halls and four apartment complexes.

The Curriculum

Is there a study-abroad option?

Yes. Most programs offer opportunities abroad. These opportunities are typically facilitated by working with your program chair once you are a student on campus.

Are summer classes available?

Currently, summer classes are available for our continuing students and through ArtFest, our on-campus workshop program that is hosted every summer.

Does Santa Fe University of Art and Design accept transfers of credits?

Yes. For credits earned fewer than 20 years ago with a grade of C or higher, we will review applicable courses for transferability. If the credits were earned more than 20 years ago, we will conduct an in-depth evaluation for transfer options.

Does Santa Fe University of Art and Design offer minors?

Yes. Typically our degree programs allow additional curriculum to be included in a student’s plan of study. Arranging a minor requires collaboration among the academic advising office, the program chair, and the student.

What’s the difference between the BA and BFA degrees?

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) is a professional undergraduate degree, often offered in performance fields such as theatre and art. It requires more coursework in the area of study and specific requirements in the university core. The Bachelor of Arts (BA) focuses on art, art history, and design in the context of a broad program of general studies.

Is Santa Fe University of Art and Design a conservatory?

No. Our programs are designed with an interdisciplinary liberal arts core, providing a well-rounded education that fosters academic and creative growth while preparing students with essential life skills.

The University

Can I buy Santa Fe University of Art and Design clothes and goods?

You can purchase SFUAD swag and merchandise at Necessities, the student store on campuse.

What services does the library offer? When is it open?

The library’s online resources enable students to conduct research from any location. The physical collection includes nearly 200,000 books and thousands of award-winning and newly released films and videos. The library houses a computer lab, a small film-screening room with theatre seating, and four listening/viewing rooms where students can watch DVDs or VHS tapes and listen to CDs or LPs. Librarians are available during regular hours and by appointment to help with research questions.

Do you offer disability services?

Yes. Please contact Charlie Miu in the Student Life Office at 1-505-473-6713 for instructions on submitting paperwork or find more info here.

What types of student services are available?

We have a post office, health center, and fitness center onsite, as well as other services to support your education and well-being.

Is the campus located in the city?

Yes. The campus is four miles from downtown.

How big is the campus?

The campus rests on 60 acres in beautiful Santa Fe. It’s about a five-minute walk between any of the main buildings.

What is the average class size?

Santa Fe University of Art and Design prides itself on its intimate teacher-student experience. The typical ratio is about 14 students for each teacher.

What types of tutoring services are available?

We offer one-on-one tutoring or study groups for most courses. A writing lab is available for all students and is staffed with peer tutors who can assist during the evening hours.

How many credits do Santa Fe University of Art and Design programs require?

Campus-based programs typically require 120 credit hours (Average of 4 classes per semester)

Please view your program below to see a complete breakdown of your degree requirements:

What degrees do you offer?

We offer a variety of art degrees on our campus.

  • Contemporary Music, BA
  • Creative Writing and Literature, BA
  • Digital Arts, BFA (specializations: Illustration, Animation)
  • The Film School, BFA (concentrations: Production, Story Development, Visual Effects &Technical Animation, Post Production)
  • Graphic Design, BFA
  • Performing Arts, BA (specializations: Theatre, Technical Theatre)
  • Performing Arts, BFA (specializations: Acting, Design Tech/Technical Theatre, Musical Theatre,)
  • Photography, BA, BFA
  • Studio Arts, BA, BFA
  • Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management, BBA