BBA: Minor in Entrepreneurship

BBA: Minor in Entrepreneurship

Creativity + Artistic Skill + Business Savvy = Unstoppable

Filmmakers, designers, artists, writers, and performers – they are all entrepreneurial and many of them own small businesses. However, not all of them included “entrepreneur” or “small business owner” as career aspirations when earning their degree. Entrepreneurship is a natural extension of any SFUAD major, enhancing opportunities to showcase abilities in a rapidly changing business world that relies on creative talent.

We want all of our students to have the opportunity to pair their creative skill set with the business foundations that can lead to an unstoppable career. The Minor in Entrepreneurship has been built so that it is accessible for students on any SFUAD degree path. Required courses will be offered during the summer semester, lending flexibility for those pursuing their BFA.



BBAM 1000 Introduction to Creative Business 4 credits

BBAM 2100 Project Management 4 credits

BBAM 3012 Entrepreneurship 4 credits

BBAM 3013 Entrepreneurial Finance 4 credits

BBAM XXXX Business Elective Course 4 credits