Arts Management and Business Degree FAQ

Arts Management and Business Degree FAQ


The crossroads of Business and creative thinking is on the rise – and we’re going to position you at the forefront of the management world. You’ll work on projects with students in every other department across campus, developing your skills with hands-on, real world opportunities. Then, move out into the Santa Fe community and put your skills to work with relevant internships. Create business connections and gain experience before you graduate! You can focus on Arts Management, Communication and Media Management, Entertainment Management or Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Arts Management and Business Degree FAQ

Is an arts management or entertainment business degree worth it?

Yes, and here is why! Our students benefit from Unique-to-SFUAD-Initiatives such as venue management on campus, Hollywood Sound Stages, a student run record label, Artists for Positive Social Change, and the Creative Professional Series. As well, our professional advisory board assists us in ensuring that our program is aligned with industry employment needs by helping to identify current trends in creative industries as well as identifying and developing industry intersections with the program.

“Without SFUAD, I probably never would have gone to Sundance, and I would have missed out on this experience that I’m going to be talking about for the rest of my life.” Sarah (‘16), Arts, Entertainment and Media Management

“I want AEMM students to graduate with a portfolio experience so they go into a job interview and are able to show they’ve managed every aspect of a production – from its inception until opening night – and have gained a level of experience that will make them very competitive in the marketplace.” Brad Bergbaken, Arts, Entertainment and Media Management Chair

What can you do with an arts management or entertainment business degree?

Students who have a Business Arts Management degree prepare themselves for the world of entertainment business and beyond. Careers available to students include: Curator, Media Relations Director, Museum Director/Adminstrator, Project Manager, Talent Agent, Venue Manager, Social Media Manager, and Event Coordinator to name just a few. Learn more about the careers that will be available to you here!

What types of arts management or entertainment business degrees are available?

  • BBA: Arts Management: Get focused on a broad array of creative business ventures, including gallery and museum management, music and theater business, and the business of film.
  • BBA: Communication and Media Management: Get ready for success in a digital content delivered marketplace. You’ll choose a sub-specialization in either music or film to really sharpen your expertise and make you relevant in the industry!
  • BBA: Entertainment Management: Focus on artist, venue, and live production management. You’ll develop skills to be successful managing and producing live theatre, concerts, and festivals; managing the facilities that house these events; and managing the artists that perform in them.
  • BBA: Innovation and Entrepreneurship: You’ll develop tools to create business opportunities, innovate, and thrive in a rapidly changing marketplace.
  • BBA: Minor in Entrepreneurship: Entrepreneurship is a natural extension of any SFUAD major, enhancing opportunities to showcase abilities in a rapidly changing business world that relies on creative talent.

What are the requirements for arts management or entertainment business degrees?

Click below to see detailed major requirements outlining your degree track as a student at SFUAD!

How do I apply to the Business program?

Students who apply to the business program will be required to submit an online application, send transcripts, and send a personal statement to their enrollment advisor in order to be considered for admissions.