The music wing of Benildus Hall provides an inspiring home for a vibrant creative community

With teaching studios, practice rooms, rehearsal halls and music technology facilities for you to call your own. Best of all: you’ll have access to most practice, studio, and rehearsal spaces from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m., seven days a week, via a secure card-key system.

SFUAD Recording Studios

• Digital recording with Pro Tools and Logic Pro

• Custom Elite II analog mixing console

• Avalon compressors, API mic preamps

• Wide assortment of professional microphones (AKG, Beyer-Dynamic, B&K, Crown, ElectroVoice, Microtech, Neumann, Sennheiser, Shure, Studio Projects)

• Main control room with Blue Sky and Tannoy monitors, linked to two tracking rooms (Yamaha grand piano, GK Acoustics and Primacoustic absorbers and bass traps) and isolation booths

• 5.1 Surround Sound editing room with Blue Sky monitors

Composition & Sound Design Studio

• Allen & Heath digital console

• Outboard MIDI and processing gear

• Doepfer voltage-controlled analog modular synthesizer

• Software synthesis and composing environments including Max/MSP, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, and Kyma

• MIDI synthesizer modules and controllers

• Yamaha MIDI acoustic upright piano

• 5.1 surround-sound monitor system

Computer/Piano Lab

• 15 networked Macintosh workstations with Yamaha Clavinova keyboards

• Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Finale

• Support for individual student research and study

World Music Studio

• Javanese gamelan (Gamelan Guntur Giri, or Thundering Mountain)

• Studio and rehearsal space for world music, percussion, and small ensembles

Atrium Sound Space

• 4-channel audio system for presentation of sound art installations

• Located in the lobby of Benildus Hall


• Floor-to-ceiling windows in the upstairs classrooms offering spectacular views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains

• Internet access

• High-quality audio and large plasma video displays

• Yamaha MIDI acoustic upright pianos

Practice rooms

• Upright pianos

• Yamaha electronic drum kit

• Guitar amps

O’Shaughnessy Performance Space

• Yamaha grand disklavier piano

• Yamaha power amps

• PreSonus digital console

• Bag End, QSC, and Yamaha loudspeakers

• 85-seat performance space

• Indoor and outdoor performance options

This performance venue in Benildus Hall, which hosts concerts and readings, is nicknamed “The Garage” for its wall that slides up like a garage door, doubling the size. Get ready for midnight concerts under the stars with your most devoted (and most night owl) fellow students.

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