BA Creative Writing and Literature

BA Creative Writing and Literature

A brand new literary tradition - that you help create.

Become a practitioner of a literary craft that takes risks, pursues obsessions, both bends and builds upon literary tradition, and draws readers into unique worlds. We believe that better readers make better writers – so get ready to crack open books that range from classic literary traditions to contemporary works hot off the presses. Push yourself even further with live audience readings, literary and journalistic publications, and post-workshop revisions.

Program Data: Creative Writing and Literature

Liberal Arts Core Requirements: 36 credits

Liberal Arts Core Requirements (16 credits)

  • FRYE 1025 Liberal Arts Seminar (4 credits)
  • ENGL 1050 Writing Roundtable I (4 credits)
  • ENGL 1051 Writing Roundtable II (4 credits)
  • SOYE 2050 Sophomore Roundtable Seminar (4 credits)

Liberal Arts Distributive Core Requirements (12 credits)

Cultural Diversity Course (4 credits)

Ethical Responsibility Course (4 credits)

Options for all courses change on a semester basis – check the Registrar for this semester’s core classes and academic catalog.

Major Requirements: 28 Credits

CWRT 1060 Living Writers: Foundations (4 credits)

CWRT 1061 Living Writers: Revisions (4 credits)

CWRT 2050 The Writer and the Word (4 credits)

CWRT 2150 Techniques of Creative Writing: Poetry (4 credits)

CWRT 2250 Techniques of Creative Writing: Fiction (4 credits)

CWRT 2350 Techniques of Creative Writing: Creative Nonfiction (4 credits)

CWRT 4970 Senior Reading (4 credits)

Genre Specialization Workshop Requirements: 16 credits

Choose two of the following four genre specializations:

Genre Specialization: Poetry

CWRT 3150 Intermediate Poetry Workshop (4 credits)

CWRT 4150 Advanced Poetry Workshop (4 credits)

Genre Specialization: Fiction

CWRT 3250 Intermediate Fiction Workshop (4 credits)

CWRT 4250 Advanced Fiction Workshop (4 credits)

Genre Specialization: Creative Nonfiction

CWRT 3350 Intermediate Creative Nonfiction Workshop (4 credits)

CWRT 4350 Advanced Creative Nonfiction Workshop (4 credits)

Genre Specialization: Story Development/Screenwriting

CWRT 2217 Fundamentals of Story Development (4 credits)

CWRT 3318 Intermediate Story Development (4 credits)

Note: Courses in the story development genre emphasis are cross?listed as FILM courses (FILM 2217, FILM 3318, FILM 3319, and FILM 4418). Students in the story development genre emphasis are strongly encouraged to complete Writing for Television (CWRT 3320), and Advanced Story Development (CWRT 4418) as electives.

Literature Requirements: 24 Credits

All CWL majors are expected to take one course under each of the following six categories. Each year, there will be a range of class offerings that fulfill each category.

I. Studies in Literary Tradition (4 credits)

From Greeks to the Gothic, each of these courses will focus on the development of English Literature previous to the 20th century.

Regular Course Offerings for Studies in Literary Tradition

CWRT 2415 The Gothic: 19th Century British and American Literature

CWRT 2416 You’ve Got To Read This

CWRT 3415 Women and Gender in Literature

CWRT 3416 The Long Story: History of the Novel

CWRT 3417 Literature and Revolution

CWRT 3418 Myth, Archetype, and Fairy Tales

CWRT 3419 Strange Bodies: 19th and Early-20th

Century British and American Literature

II. Studies in Shakespeare (4 credits)

Regular Course Offerings for Studies in Shakespeare

CWRT 3515 Shakespeare’s Tragedies

CWRT 3516 Shakespeare’s Comedies

CWRT 3517 Shakespeare and Film

CWRT 3518 Shakespeare and Women

III. Studies in Modernism (4 credits)

Colonialism and cabaret, alienation and the avant-garde: mapping the experiments that shaped 20th Century British and American Literature.

Regular Course Offerings for Studies in Modernism

CWRT 3615 Modernism In Exile - British and American Modernist Literature in Paris, Berlin and Beyond

CWRT 3616 Americana: Domestic Modernist Literature in the United States

CWRT 3617 Symbolism, Surrealism and Beyond: Modernist European Literature

IV. Studies in 20th Century Literature (4 credits)

Regular Course Offerings for Studies in 20th Century Literature

CWRT 2715 The Beat Generation: Methods and Madness

CWRT 2716 20th Century American Poetry

CWRT 2717 20th Century American Fiction

CWRT 3715 Literature of War

CWRT 3716 The Writer of Color in 20th Century America

CWRT 3717 The American Short Story

V. Studies in Contemporary Literature and Genre (4 credits)

Through science fiction and postmodernism, punk rock and pulp fiction, bricolage, the lyric essay, and hybrid literature, courses in this section will focus on texts, trends, and issues of genre and theory within contemporary literature.

Regular Course Offerings for Studies in Contemporary Literature and Genre

CWRT 2815 Detective, Crime, and Pulp Fiction

CWRT 3815 Experimental Literature

CWRT 3816 Post-War to Punk

CWRT 3817 Science Fiction

CWRT 3818 Literature and the Post-Human

VI. Studies in World Literature (4 credits)

Regular Course Offerings for Studies in World Literature

CWRT 3915 Postcolonial Literature

CWRT 3916 The World Novel

CWRT 3917 Creation Stories

CWRT 3918 African Literature

CWRT 3919 Postmodern World Literature

Professional Practice Requirements (4 credits)

CWRT 2051 Real Stories (2 credits)

CWRT 2052 Professional Practice (2 credits)

Unrestricted Electives: 12 credits