Student and Alumni Publications

Student and Alumni Publications

Our students frequently have the opportunity to intern with publications in and around New Mexico - here is a sampling of work with created with professional publishers out in the world.

Featured in National Publications

Marina Woollven has won third place in Playboy Magazine’s 2014 College Fiction Contest for her short story entitled “Atlas.”

Nayereh Doosti was named third place recipient in the William Faulkner Literary Competition for her story “Shila M.’s Case as Never Published in Her School Newspaper: An Account of High School Drama in Iran.”

?Published with Santa Fe Reporter

How to Spy a Turquoise Lie by Charlotte Martinez / photos by Shayla Blatchford

Silly Rabbit by Nick Beckman / photos by Amanda Tyler

An Alternative Space by Mark Feigenbutz / photos by Tim Kassiotis

The Personal Touch by Arianna Sullivan / photos by Luke Montavon

Trash Talkin’ by Natalie Abel

The Bright Outdoors by Clara Hittel / photos by Sandra Schonenstein

Published with

Real Stories with students of SFUAD

Published with SITE Santa Fe

2014 Site Santa Fe Gallery Guide

2013 Site Santa Fe Gallery Guide

2012 Site Santa Fe Gallery Guide

Sampling of published alumni

Two poems by Danielle Cadena Deulen, CW ‘01, at Diagram

Farren Stanley, CW ‘05, on why the Internet is her “big bright brash New World”

Arianna Sullivan, CW ‘13, “Cigarettes”: First Place Non-Fiction in the Santa Fe Reporter’s Annual Writing Contest