Creative Writing: Crash Course

Creative Writing: Crash Course

SFUAD Artfest 2017:

Creative Writing Workshop

Instructor: James Reich

This five-day course is designed to introduce creative writers to the history and literary techniques that define science fiction, fantasy, horror, and detective writing. Examples of literature will be examined, in conjunction with film, visual art, music, and fashion, but with emphasis on writing techniques, style, and defining atmospheres. The afternoons will consist of writing exercises that explore opportunities for creativity in each genre. Students will write, present, and critique work produced in the class. The class is designed to provide students with the historical, theoretical, and critical background required to write creatively and academically about these genres. Writers will gain working knowledge of space-opera, cyberpunk, the gothic, supernatural horror, chivalric myths, sword and sorcery stories, hard-boiled prose, pulp fiction, and an essential preparation for literary study and practice at university level.

Equipment Students Provide:

  • notebook
  • writing utensils