Music: Intro to Production

Music: Intro to Production

SFUAD Artfest 2017:

Introduction to Music Production Tools and Techniques

Instructor: Scott J. Jarrett

Take your music or production skills to the next level! This workshop introduces you to the tools and techniques you’ll need to develop your raw material into a polished product. Among the things we’ll cover are: what makes a good song, arrangement choices, and working on a production team. You’ll also get into our professional recording studio and labs to familiarize yourself with Apple Logic Pro software, mics, samplers, synthesizers, and loops.


  • Students should exhibit either musical or technical aptitudes (or both). If students play musical instruments or create songs there may be an opportunity (not guaranteed) for them to explore their talents within the framework of this class. Students who do not play a musical instrument will also be able to bring a creative element to this class through the use of Apple Loops in composition.

Equipment Student’s Provide:

  • own back-up drives (USB hard drives preferable) if they want to take their work home with them.
  • They may bring instruments that they play (optional). They don’t need anything else.