Alvie, Senior, Film

I didn’t want a school where I was just lost in the crowd, where I was a number. I wanted the freedom to learn and explore, and to make mistakes. I saw the school and the facilities, and met the professors, and knew I wanted to come to SFUAD. Freshman year, we took production, post-production, sound and camera classes. To be a successful director, you have to know how to do absolutely everything, so you can have a real vision. SFUAD teaches you every step of the filmmaking process.

There was a moment in my junior year when a group of filmmaking students at SFUAD started doing things ourselves. We kind of complemented each other, and there were all these new projects starting and Kickstarters going. That’s when Charles-Austin Ross and I founded our production company, This Is Our Film. We all grew up and said, “This is getting serious now.” We started making more ambitious films, and submitting them to bigger festivals. Every piece of equipment and program you have that you could possibly need to make a professional film is right here. We have RED cameras in the griphouse, a soundstage, a giant green screen. When I visited, it was the biggest thing that made me choose the school. You can do anything at SFUAD.

They say you tell a story three times: when you write it, when you shoot it, and when you edit it. I’ve always taken that to heart, and made it my goal to know as much as I possibly can from every branch of a production. I just made a short film where I was the writer, director and sound designer. As a Latino filmmaker, I’ve gotten up to this point against all odds, so now let’s beat even bigger ones. I’m ready to go out and make something big.

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