Donna, Junior, Performing Arts

I was one of the students for my high school who was picked to audition for this big panel of colleges at Texas Thespian Festival. I sang ‘Gimme Gimme’ from Thoroughly Modern Millie, and did a monologue from Macbeth as Lady Macbeth. I was really trying to show off my range. I got a callback from Santa Fe, and talked to the representative. He talked to us for half an hour, and I loved it. I was like, ‘This school sounds amazing.’ I was still going to visit a school in New York a month later, and I was thinking, ‘It’s going to take a lot to beat this.’ I’m here, so nothing beat SFUAD!

At SFUAD, they keep the program rigorous, which was what I was looking for in a school. They really try to get all the students involved. We get to explore different possibilities of shows, characters, costumes and sets. That really sold me on the school. I’ve acted in several productions since I got here, and it’s been an amazing process. I was totally thrown into it immediately, which is exactly what I wanted to happen. It was kind of like, ‘Okay, this is why I’m here. This is awesome!’

SFUAD was an instantly welcoming environment. I didn’t want to be thrown into a program where the teachers knew me as just another student. I wanted an education that was actually going to impact my life. I needed to know that the professors cared about what I’m doing. The professors are so amazing. They have so much experience under their belts, and knowledge about this profession. Being able to pick their brains and hear what they have to say about shows is really interesting. I was also very excited about the fact that TV shows are filmed on this campus, which is cool to be around. It’s awesome that there are professionals doing their job right next to where we’re learning about their job.

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