Julian Williams

Julian Williams

My name is Julian Williams, and I am a German American graphic design Senior from Ramstein - Miesenbach, Germany, and I have been hired as a paid Brand Design Intern by Nike at their European Headquarters in the Netherlands.

I first became interested in Nike during my sophomore year at SFUAD. My professor, David Grey, invited two former Nike Interns and employees to come and give a multi day design workshop. After connecting with them, I was invited to work on some projects for Nike, including apparel design, and illustrations for Kobe Bryant. This work convinced me to apply to the Brand Design team in Europe, and after a lengthy interview process, I was hired this year.

Within my first week, I have already begun working with the entire brand design team on projects that will take place throughout Europe. In March, Nike celebrates the release of the Air Max shoe, and I have been hard at work creating content along with my creative director and fellow designers for the release of Nike’s new Vapormax Shoe. In just one week of work, I have gained a vast amount of In-House graphic design knowledge, and have produced exclusive work for the brand.

Design is the most important thing in the world to me, because it affirms the relationships we share with the world and people around us. I am very excited to be producing work for such an exiting brand.

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