Madeleine, Sophomore, Theater Arts

“When I was visiting SFUAD as a high school student, I went to an acting class taught by John Jory. I stayed the whole two hours, and I watched him work with each student individually. A student would come up, and he would stop and tweak things that were ideal for that actor. Mr. Jory would take it apart and guide them. It was beautiful to watch, to see teachers so invested and willing to help yo u. It’s really hard to create this life for yourself and be confident in it. At SFUAD, it’s been extremely easy to do that, because of the support, friendship, kindness and generosity. Before coming to SFUAD, my thing was just to graduate college. Now, with the guidance from my professors, I feel like I have the potential to grow some more and give this a shot. I’m not afraid.”

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