Mariah and Darnell

Mariah and Darnell

Mariah, Junior, Graphic Arts and Darnell, Senior, Graphic Arts

Darnell says, “We were sitting in design class one day, and Mariah was like, ‘It would be cool to start a digital fashion magazine.’ I was like, ‘Yay, let’s do it!’ That’s how we founded 1905. SFUAD is really big on collaboration between students. You can just dip your hand into anything you want to. We’ve created so many relationships with different artists, and learned so much about design by being editorsinchief.” Mariah says, “In the design program, there’s a group of us who have been here since freshman year. We’re this tight group that knows each other’s styles and how we work. It’s really nice to have that kind of support. I don’t know how else we would meet all of these artists if we weren’t here. I definitely feel more prepared to graduate, even since last year. I think 1905†has given us so much experience. Now I can feel confident going into a magazine design internship.”

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