Megan, Sophomore, Performing Arts

My parents met doing theater, so they raised me to do it. We moved from Florida to rural Maryland when I was in fifth grade, and my first real role was Susy Snowflake in Santa’s Rockin’ Christmas Eve. I had stage fright at first, but I got over it pretty quickly. In middle school when I started taking real theater classes, I was like, “I’m good at this!” I didn’t realize I actually wanted to study acting until October of my senior year. I stumbled across SFUAD, and thought, “Wow, this looks really interesting!” My high school drama teacher saw the faculty and said, “Megan, these are huge names in the acting industry. Please go to this school!” When I got a scholarship to go here, it was amazing. If people are willing to invest in what I’m doing, then I need to give everything back that I can.

I’m here to do my art, my craft, and get better so that I can have a career. I needed something to push me to focus on my acting. SFUAD is a very healthy environment, and it’s a really good place to cultivate what you need personally. I needed something to push me to focus on my acting. This environment pushes me to do better because I see successful people around me, but it’s also relaxing and nurturing. There’s a lot of camaraderie in our department. Literally, I haven’t met a single person that I wouldn’t want to work with. They’re pleasant, hard-working and do what they need to do. They’re all really talented.

One of my favorite professors is John Jory. He makes you go line by line. You’ll work for an hour, and only get three lines into the scene. It’s great to have that individual attention. Since I was a little kid, my dad would say, “I want you to go somewhere that doesn’t teach you what to think, but teaches you how to think.” This school is really good at that. Every faculty member teaches you different tools that you can apply to your own life and career. I’m getting the tools that I need from them, but I’m learning how to use them myself. This school has definitely honed me as an artist and taught me how to evolve in that way. At SFUAD, they actually care about your success in the real world. The faculty works to give you the opportunities that you need and deserve.

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