Priscila, Senior, The Film School

I’ve always wanted to study film. When I was growing up in El Salvador, I started making scripts. In school I would write stuff, and on our breaks, I would ask my friends if they would be in it. Those are the moments where I remember being really happy. When I was graduating from high school, I wanted to study film but the only way I could do that would be moving to another country. There’s no film schools or film industry in El Salvador. I kept thinking that I could do it. I’ve never given up on things. I wasn’t taking the shortest road to get there, but I was getting there.

SFUAD’s Robert Redford/Milagro Initiative Scholarship was something that I could apply to, it was a full ride, and it was for film. I remember going to my grandma and telling her, “This is it.” I had already been making Youtube videos with some friends back at home. That’s when I realized, there is a need to tell stories that are about us. We need to see ourselves reflected in that medium. It’s something that inspired me to keep going. I have stories to tell, about me and my culture. When I got the opportunity to apply for the scholarship, I talked about that need to tell our stories.

When I got the email that said “congratulations,” I couldn’t believe it. I called my parents, and my dad was so emotional. It was the best day of my life. I think getting the scholarship was this feeling of, “You’re on the right path.” At SFUAD, I can focus on what I came to do, which is make movies and continue my dream. My dream is not just going to film school, but to get a job as a director and make movies. There’s so much collaboration here. If I was at a bigger school, that would be harder to do. It’s been great to have a school that’s supportive. I always think that the projects that are more personal to you are the ones that can have a bigger impact on other people’s lives. It wasn’t just coming to film school, it was also about finding out more about myself and discovering a whole new, different world.

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