Rufino, Sophomore, Graphic Design

I grew up in California, and started this graphic design thing when I was 12 years old. I knew what I wanted to do, and pushed myself to do something cool every day. In high school, they had this program where they taught you graphic design. I started working for PBS news and won some awards, and taught some workshops at the high school. For college, I considered RISD and all of these other design schools. The reason I came here was the faculty. The professors here are from Yale, Cal Arts, all of these great schools. It’s top people in one place. I was looking for a culture where people are creating. That’s the first impression I got of SFUAD. There are dedicated people here that want to work their craft. That’s where I belong.

It’s great coming to a different place, and growing in that environment. I’m hungry. I’m really passionate about what I love to do. At SFUAD, I’ve learned things about graphic design that I didn’t even know about. Being exposed to different things makes you a better designer, and that’s important in today’s industry. It’s great exposure, because it has broadened my sense of design and aesthetics. I have matured so much as a designer in Santa Fe.

My teachers help me find clients and encourage me to do outside work. They’ll say, “Hey, try this exercise.” They encourage us to explore and find new things, because that’s what art is. There’s no rules, it’s all about experimenting. Now that I’m here getting internships, I feel more confident working professionally. I show my teachers what I’m working on with clients. It’s great to get feedback from them. My whole aim is to take my experiences at SFUAD and tell people, “You can do it.” If you put the time and effort into what you love to do, anything can happen.

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