Ysidro, Senior, Photography

I’m not sure where I got my love for storytelling. Probably from my father, because he could tell stories all day. Hearing them would make me dream up visuals, and then I’d want to translate that into real images. I’m really hands-on, and I just think differently. I’ve always been told that, since I was a young kid. In high school, my yearbook teacher encouraged me to go to art school. Applying for financial aid and scholarships from SFUAD was really straightforward. It was wonderful. These people who didn’t even know me were trusting in me to go to college. I told myself, ‘If you go to school for photography, you’re going to learn how to do exactly what you want to do.’

When I visited SFUAD, I met so many amazing people. I fell in love with the photography department here. Before I came to this school, I was so relaxed about shooting. Now the details are all I think about. I’ve learned about lighting, and how to edit properly. When I put the camera up to my face, there’s much more of a thought process, technically and conceptually. I’ve learned how to fully evolve a project: what it takes to get something going, and get something done. The best thing I’ve learned at SFUAD is how to be an artist. I have the tools to actually produce what I see in my head. That’s when you get that great feeling, like you’re doing everything right.

I feel lucky, because I got a really great fine art education here, and also learned this commercial aspect as well. I like mixing things up. I don’t think I’ll ever have a straight path where I say, “I’m a commercial photographer” or “I’m just fine art.” My thesis classes have been the most rewarding, because they’re such small classes with the head of department as the teacher. It feels good to have supportive professors under my belt who I can call when I need help, or will write me a letter of recommendation. For now, I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else than being in Santa Fe, and being in an artistic environment.

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