Graphic Design Student Accomplishments

Cydnie Smith-McCarthy (’15) has a paid internship with Arsenic Magazine and is currently being mentored by their Art Director.

Marco Lukini designed John Tejada’s 12” record label (released August 19) on his imprint Palette Recordings.

Suzelle Camou, had some typography posted on the blog TypeOnly: “Walk On” and “Motion Pictures” pieces from a Graphic Design Music Design class. The blog was recently started by Unit Editions, a publishing house run by world-renowned graphic designer and writer Adrian Shaughnessy. Suzelle was commissioned by Los Angeles Music producer and club promoter Morgan Raskin to design club flyers and packaging for the first 12” vinyl single released on his music label Jack Van Sloot Vinyl Recordings.For more information on the theater performance (and to see a small example of her work), please check out to see her work on the record label, check out

Seniors Fernando Garcia and Pablo Byrne were commissioned by Anagram, a local design and marketing firm, to design timelines, street signage, posters, and various printed matter for Santa Fe’s Re:Mike community festival.

Seniors Ana Villa & Marco Lukini were commissioned by a local coffee company to design a multi-use map of the Santa Fe Plaza to be distributed throughout town.

Seniors Rebecca Alvarez and Pablo Byrne were commissioned by musician Liv Lombardi (Theatre, 2012) to design the packaging for her CD Self Medicate as well as her branding and merchandise.

Senior Ana Villa was commissioned by musician Lawrence Tenorio (CMP, 2011) to design the packaging for his CD “Hopes and Frustrations”.

The student design collective Hexagono (Rebecca Alvarez, Pablo Byrne, Suzelle Camou, Fernando Garcia, Marco Lukini, & Ana Villa) created and organized Delirium, a student curated, pop-up, multi-disciplinary exhibition of contemporary student work. Due to its initial success, Delirium was organized and curated on four separate occasions throughout the year.

Seniors Marco Lukini, Fernando Garcia and Chris Conard were commissioned by Arlyn Nathan (SFUAD professor) to create photographic imagery for a book published by Blue Feather titled Dream Your Self into Being by Bonnie Bahira Buckner, Ph.D.

Senior Ana Villa was commissioned by the Santa Fe University to design all marketing materials for the annual Outdoor Vision Fest.

Senior Suzelle Camou was commissioned by Arizona Sunset School of Dental Assisting to design their corporate identity.

Design student Arnold Mateos was commissioned to design the logo for the Santa Fe University of Art and Design Charitable Foundation.

Senior Ana Villa was commissioned by the Institute of the Spanish Arts to design posters and event announcements for their organization.

Senior Ana Villa was commissioned by Munro, a Mexican musician, to design his latest CD, LP, and merchandise.

Senior Jake Goodman worked in a summer internship at the Santa Fe–based print shop Arroyo Studio to run Lazer printers, which cuts digital forms into glass, metal, wood, and other materials.

Senior Stephen Lucero works as a designer for Trend, a magazine that explores New Mexico’s influence on art, design, and architecture.

Junior Julia Griffin showcased artwork at Molecule, a Santa Fe furniture design store, in May. Her work involved exterior light projections that formed mesmerizing, multidimensional light environments.

Sophomore Ana Laura Hernandez created an untitled music visualization animated in Flash that was featured as part of the Matrox Triple Head installation at currents 2012 this summer.

The City of Santa Fe Arts Commission’s Community Gallery hired Hexagano, a collective of six graphic design students, to design invitations and gallery guides for shows in October 2012 and March 2013. This paid commission is funded by an NEA grant.

Graphic design junior Anna Villa created a projected image that the Santa Fe Reporter photographed for the cover artwork of its April 25 issue, to accompany a story about Outdoor Vision Fest.

Students in Graphic Design II designed commissioned proposals for an outdoor sign to be used at Lena Street Lofts to direct people toward the neighboring Rail Trail. Junior Suzelle Camou’s design was chosen, and all the designs will be displayed in a public space downtown.

In March, two months before graduation, senior Corey Johnson began a full-time position as art director for the Santa Fe Reporter. He started by redesigning the Reporter’s masthead/cover and corporate collateral. He also hired six students (one senior, four juniors, and a freshman) to design a series of T-shirt graphics to be printed and sold during a local festival in fall 2012.

Suzelle Camou designed the cover artwork for the March 21-27 issue of the Santa Fe Reporter.

Junior Rebecca Cubillo designed the cover artwork for the March 14-20 “Local Economy” issue of the Santa Fe Reporter.

Senior Robert Tucker designed the first issue of Nectar Magazine, “a fine art and literary magazine that aims to explore a topic in depth through the inclusion of many different media, perspectives, and artists,” created by Photography seniors Michelle Eckhardt and Helen Maringer. The first issue, which debuts at the BFA Senior Thesis exhibition April 27, includes work by 18 SFUAD students and 41 other artists and writers from around the world.

In February, graphic design senior Tim Edeker won a $500 MIX Santa Fe award to help fund the completion of his thesis project, a guidebook to Santa Fe. MIX Santa Fe is an organization dedicated to promoting the creative economy of Santa Fe.

Kindling, a publication created by graphic design students, was featured in February on the blog Printeresting. The blogger wrote, “This clean, smart publication is packed with great examples of student work, all designed to take advantage of the ephemeral beauty of offset printed newsprint.”