Design Cooperative

Design Cooperative

Combine SFUAD with San Diego's New School of Architecture and Design to create an unstoppable design experience

SFUAD’s Graphic Design and Digital Arts programs are partnered with New School of Architecture + Design, which is based in San Diego, CA. By partnering with this prestigious institution, our students benefit from exciting experiences in Santa Fe including access to NSAD’s instructors’ expertise from Character Special Effects design for feature films to Animation and Visual Special Effects for television, film, video games, and more. NSAD faculty have worked on projects that are distributed via PlayStation, Steam, Warner Bros., iPad, XBOX, Sony, and more. We see SFUAD as a gateway to the rest of the world ­ and our work with NSAD is an important first step.

Faculty Exchange

The faculty at NSAD come to teach at SFUAD several times per year whether it’s a weekend workshop or a short summer session, working with a variety of faculty members from across the Graphic Design/Digital Arts professions can help expand your abilities and make you a better, well-rounded designer.

Portfolio Review

Every semester, the chair of the graphic design departments at SFUAD and NSAD will review portfolios of students, regardless of grade level. This gives all of our students a chance to receive feedback from their chair, even if they haven’t had a chance to take one of their classes yet. It’s going to make you a better designer ­ and it’ll teach you how to take critique like a pro, which is an important part of the design department.

Real World Industry Projects

We partner with companies in the real world who are looking for brand, logo, and other design assistance. That means your portfolio can be made up of work that’s being used by people outside the design world ­ and that’s important! Past partnerships have included local sports teams, local publishing companies, newspapers, magazines, and more. “We’re excited about an upcoming partnership with Chicago Kernel to rebrand their entire company!”

Study in San Diego

We do have a study abroad program but sometimes a new world can be a little closer to home. Your Junior year, you’ll be ready to study in San Diego, for a domestic exchange year at NSAD. Get a new perspective, expand your network of design peers, and experience a wider variety of instructors. You’ll also be able to explore internship opportunities in California.