Benildus Hall

Inside Benildus is O’Shaughnessy Performance Space – commonly referred to as “the Garage,” because of its outside door that can raise up for increased seating (and atmosphere). Student readings and performances are performed in O’Shaughnessy, and it also hosts visiting readers, musicians, and our weekly cross-departmental talent Forum. This will also be a primary home for most of your liberal arts classes!

Alexis Hall

Free tutoring is available to all SFUAD students on the 1st Floor of Alexis Hall. You will also find a fully equipped Mac Lab (Featuring 8 core mac computers) and two PC Labs with 16 computers each, projector set up, and printing available to students.

  • Course Tutoring and Study Groups—Prepare for tests and quizzes with the help of expert peer tutors who will work with you individually and/or in study groups.
  • Writing Help—Learn to plan and write great papers with assistance from our experienced writing instructors and qualified peer writing tutors.
  • Academic Skill Building—Master effective note taking, test taking, research and computer skills, plus reading and study strategies—all with guidance tailored to your individual needs and learning style.