Evelyn Marie Malinowski

Evelyn Marie Malinowski is a contributing faculty member in the liberal arts core and has her M.A. in English Philology from the Free University of Berlin. Her primary scholarly interests include philology, cultural geography, Virginia Woolf, modernity, cultural history, oral tradition, mythology studies, sound studies, ethnomusicology, electronic music cultural history, linguistics, medieval studies, Shakespeare, and gender studies. Evelyn is member of Jacktone Records, a GSA Advisor, and an Expanding Universe Collective Member. She is also a staff writer for No Fear Of Pop, and a contributing writer for Tiny Mix Tapes, Weird Canada, and Cartouche Magazine.

Classes Taught

  • Writing Roundtable Precursor I
  • Writing Roundtable I—Performing Arts Writing
  • Roundtable II—Women Speak For Themselves Shakespeare, Women & Gender