Liberal Arts Core FAQs

Liberal Arts Core FAQs

What makes the liberal arts core unique at SFUAD?

Being that SFUAD is an Arts & Design University, the thing that separates our Contemporary Liberal Arts Department is the art, of course! Our writing program, for example, has three different versions of our introductory English classes, in which we pursue our Program Learning Outcomes by focusing on readings from around the arts. Students have the option to fulfill their Writing requirement by delving into any of three, which are identified as Writing Roundtable: Visual Arts, Performing Arts, and Storytellers. Our program offers opportunities to engage in social action and with the community as part of our Ethical Responsibility and Cultural Awareness objective. A prime example of this would be our annual Artists For Positive Social Change (A4PSC) project.

What is the difference between general education credits and a liberal arts core?

In many cases, general education credits provide a foundation for technical or vocational training. SFUAD’s liberal arts core, on the other hand, strives for a broader education that includes critical analysis, effective communication, knowledge of conventions and information literacy. Our inclusion of Ethical Responsibility and Cultural Awareness, for example, are among the differences that allow for our students to not only have an appreciation for their scholastic pursuits, but also a genuine desire to elevate humanity.

Do I have to take math and science classes? (For example: Will I have to take algebra? biology?)

SFUAD requires, for graduation, 12 credits (usually 3 classes) that must represent each of the three Distributive Core Areas: Distributive Humanities, Distributive Science/Math, and Distributive Social Sciences. As such, students will take at least one math or science class. This requirement provides a foundation that will afford increased opportunities for students in their undergraduate experiences and beyond. Examples of classes that fulfill the Distributive Science/Math requirement are Mathematics for Professionals and Anatomy & Physiology.

How does the Liberal Arts core help me with my degree?

The Santa Fe University of Art and Design liberal arts experience emphasizes the underpinnings of a successful overall baccalaureate education, including the development of critical and creative thinking, effective communication, productive research, problem-solving, and the ability to see the world from multiple perspectives. What students learn in the core curriculum and how students learn will frame the ability to grow, adapt, understand, and nurture an intellectual, spiritual and ethical life. The liberal arts core curriculum is predicated on vital skills that all educated persons should possess.

Should I get my prerequisites somewhere elsewhere first?

The short answer is that there is no need! For students who are admitted without SAT/ACT scores, a nationally recognized placement test known as the ACCUPLACER (prepared by College Board—the same group that offers the SAT) is used to determine first level writing classes. SFUAD offers two Precursor to Writing classes that are designed to bring students to the level of sentence skills, reading comprehension, analysis and argumentation required to succeed throughout the University. Due to the highly collaborative nature of the programs and departments across Santa Fe University of Art and Design, students benefit by establishing early connections on campus.

Can I get a degree in Liberal Arts?


What kind of academic support services are available?

The University Writing Center offers support in the areas of writing, study skills, and beyond. Available for both current students as well as alumni, the Writing Center provides support in both academic as well as professional endeavors.

What kinds of classes (topics) are offered?

The Writing Program offers topics that range from “Non-Violent Direct Action” to “Contemporary Lit Theory.” Courses offered in Psychology include “Exploration of the Self” and “Archetypal Psychology.” From the Social Sciences, offerings include “Minority Visions,” and “Mass Media/Cultural Diversity.”

How many credits are required in the Liberal Arts Core?

36 out of 120 credits required for graduation are fulfilled through the Liberal Arts Core.

Are there resources for students with learning disabilities?

The University Writing Center is open to all students. Additionally, SFUAD’s disability coordinator will work with students who require accommodations in their classes.