BFA in Theatre: Specialization in Acting

BFA in Theatre: Specialization in Acting

Our Complete Actor program will help prepare you for the real world of acting professionals today: by incorporating as many venues and mediums as possible. From theatre to film, TV, voice-over work, commercials and webisodes, we can help you become a proficient, modern actor. Our students graduate with experience working in front of a camera, a microphone, and a live audience – which means you’ll have bragging rights when you’re ready to hit the job market or the audition circuit.

SFUAD offers a unique set of experiences to develop the Complete Actor:

  • Four main-stage productions a year, for which all acting students (even Freshmen) are required to audition.
  • Student film casting through The Film School.
  • Shoot the Stars! via The Film School, which creates an opportunity for students to act with A-list Hollywood stars.
  • Actors’ workshops, featuring professionals across the industry in small classroom settings.
  • Opportunities on television, commercial, and feature productions via our on-campus casting company, Midthunder casting.
  • Internships with Garson Studios productions, such as A&E’s “Longmire”. In the past, there have been student internship opportunities on feature films including “True Grit,” “Cowboys & Aliens,” “No Country for Old Men,” and more.

The key to SFUAD’s Complete Actor training is the combination of two highly regarded programs. The Performing Arts Department has been recognized as one of the Top 5 Programs Outside of Los Angeles by Backstage magazine, and The Film School is listed among the Top 15 media programs by Variety magazine. This unique combination of leading theater and film programs on one campus provides our students tremendous opportunities to pursue an education and career in acting.

The BFA in Theatre (Acting Specialization) requires 120 credits consisting of 36 credits in the liberal arts core, 80 credits in major requirements, and 4 credits in designated electives. The program of study is provided as follows.

Liberal Arts Core Requirements: 36 credits

Liberal Arts Core Requirements (16 credits)

  • FRYE 1025 Liberal Arts Seminar (4 credits)
  • ENGL 1050 Writing Roundtable I (4 credits)
  • ENGL 1051 Writing Roundtable II (4 credits)
  • SOYE 2050 Sophomore Roundtable Seminar (4 credits)
  • Liberal Arts Distributive Core Requirements (12 credits)

Cultural Diversity Course (4 credits)

Ethical Responsibility Course (4 credits)

Options for all courses change on a semester basis – check the Registrar for this semester’s core classes and academic catalog.

Major Foundations: (4 credits)

THEA 1041 Voice I (Spring Semester Freshman) (2 credits)

THEA 1041 Voice I (Fall Semester Sophomore) (2 credits)

Major Requirements: 80 credits

THEA 1130 Acting I (4 credits)

THEA 1230 Acting II (4 credits)

THEA 2030 Contemporary Theatre Canon (2 credits)

THEA 2061 Acting Contemporary Scenes (4 credits)

THEA 2067 Rehearsal & Production I: Sophomore (4 credits)

THEA 2068 Rehearsal & Production II: Sophomore (4 credits)

THEA 2130 Acting III (4 credits)

THEA 2230 Acting IV (4 credits)

THEA 3042 Estill Voice (2 credits)

THEA 3067 Rehearsal & Production I: Junior (4 credits)

THEA 3068 Rehearsal & Production II: Junior (4 credits)

THEA 3078 Theatre History (4 credits)

THEA 3130 Acting V (4 credits)

THEA 3230 Acting Methods (4 credits)

THEA 4045 Acting VI (4 credits)

THEA 4046 Acting Contemporary Realism (4 credits)

THEA 4047 Acting Audition (4 credits)

THEA 4066 Theatre Business and Career Planning (4 credits)

THEA 4067 Rehearsal & Production I: Senior (4 credits)

THEA 4068 Rehearsal & Production II: Senior (4 credits)
Choose two of the following courses:
THEA 1021 Stage Management (2 credits)

Designated Electives: 4 credits

THEA 1022 Basic Stage Lighting (2 credits)

THEA 1023 Costuming (2 credits)

THEA 1024 Stagecraft I (2 credits)
BFA Theatre Candidates are encouraged to take 18 credits each semester for a total of 144 credits in order to develop skills at a level that will prepare them for competing in the real world of professional acting. The courses below are suggested as electives in addition to the major requirements.
DANC XXXX Various Dance Classes (2 credits each)

Optional Electives: 1?24 credits

DANC 3600 Special Topics in Dance (1?4 credits)

DANC 4600 Special Topics in Dance (1?4 credits)

MUSI XXXX Various Music Classes (1?4 credits)

THEA 1052 Musicianship (4 credits)

THEA 2019 Applied Movement I (1?2 credits)

THEA 3041 Voice II (1?2 credits)

THEA 3060 Music Theatre Workshop I (2 credits)

THEA 3600 Special Topics in Theatre (1?4 credits)

THEA 3XXX Upper?Division Theatre Classes (2?4 credits)

THEA 4019 Applied Movement II (1?2 credits)

THEA 4060 Music Theatre Workshop II (4 credits)

THEA 4600 Special Topics in Theatre (1?4 credits)

THEA 4XXX Upper?Division Theatre classes (2?4 credits)