Performing Arts FAQ

Performing Arts FAQ


The history and prestige that comes with Performing Arts means something different to everyone – that’s why we have five different ways for you to earn your degree. The Performing Arts Department is SFUAD’s oldest art program, and the strength of that foundation is what’s going to launch you into a professional career down the path you choose. You’ll be auditioning for main stage, and student-run performances week one of Freshman year – and cast before you know it. Whether it’s voice work, dancing, acting, set or costume design, stage management, lighting, or something else entirely – however you see your name in lights, we can help you get there.

Acting, Theatre, Design and Performing Arts Degrees FAQ’s

Is an acting, theatre or performing arts degree worth it?

Santa Fe University of Art and Design’s Performing Arts department has been named among the top 5 in the USA outside of Los Angeles by Backstage Magazine, so we definitely think it’s worth it. We also believe in the Complete Actor – we’ll prepare you not just for acting on stage, but also acting for film, television, webisodes, voiceover, commercials, and more. Our students not only learn how to become the complete actor but gain transferable skills across industries such as, self-presentation, communication, teamwork, detailed organization, problem solving, and of course an undying passion.

“At SFUAD, they actually care about your success in the real world. The faculty works to give you the opportunities that you need and deserve.” Megan (‘18), Performing Arts

“Students aren’t just studying with people at a distance from the industry. They’re studying with people who are actively engaged in it.” Laura Fine Hawkes, Chair, Performing Arts Department

What can you do with a performing arts degree?

Students who receive a performing arts degree learn the skills they need to work across the industry, acquiring jobs such as: Actor, Talent Agent, Costume Designer, Director, Makeup Artist, Educator, Set Designer, Theatre Technician, Special Effects Artist, and Stage Manger to name just a few. Check out the careers page to learn more about your future!

What types of performing arts degrees are available?

BA vs BFA in performing arts: What’s the difference between them?

Both of our BA and BFA tracks get you in your major as a Freshman, which means no matter where you start your degree is focused and meaningful towards your future. The BA track is a general overview, with a lot more freedom to explore other majors on campus. Whereas, the BFA is a specialized degree track designed for the student who knows what they want to do and provides them with an even stronger focus in the area they are looking to launch their career! Don’t know what you want to do? No worries, you can start as a BA and always switch to a BFA track after your freshman year!

What are the requirements for performing arts degrees?

Click below to see detailed major requirements outlining your degree track as a student at SFUAD!

How do I apply to the Performing Arts Program?

Students who apply to the performing arts program should review their specific requirements based on their specialization below. Auditions can be done during a visit or open house. We also have an audition circuit, check here for dates. Keep in mind a personal statement will be required, and it is highly recommended students talk with their enrollment advisor to understand the process:

*Resume and headshot are required at the time of the audition.