BFA Photography, Fine Art and Museum/Gallery Practice

BFA Photography, Fine Art and Museum/Gallery Practice

Photography as a fine art is evolving, and permeating the modern art world to create amazing new things.

Fine Art & Museum/Gallery Practices: If you want an expansive fine art photographic experience, this specialization is perfect for you. Study traditional darkroom techniques along with the most up-to-date digital practices to create exhibition-ready portfolios suitable for publication or museum/gallery shows. You’ll leave the program prepared to enter the gallery and museum world, and have the opportunity to study abroad at any of our many network schools your Junior year.

Studio Foundation Requirements: 4 Credits

PHOT 1001 Freshman Studio I (2 credits)

PHOT 1002 Freshman Studio II (2 credits)
As part of the liberal arts core curriculum that all undergraduate students are required to take, photography students must include the following course as their Humanities Distributive core course:

Liberal Arts Core Requirements: 36 Credits

Liberal Arts Core Requirements (16 credits)

  • FRYE 1025 Liberal Arts Seminar (4 credits)
  • ENGL 1050 Writing Roundtable I (4 credits)
  • ENGL 1051 Writing Roundtable II (4 credits)
  • SOYE 2050 Sophomore Roundtable Seminar (4 credits)
  • Liberal Arts Distributive Core Requirements (12 credits)

Cultural Diversity Course (4 credits)

Ethical Responsibility Course (4 credits)

Options for all courses change on a semester basis – check the Registrar for this semester’s core classes and academic catalog.

BFA Major Requirements/Photography/All BFA Students: 32 Credits

PHOT 2010 Beginning Digital Photography (4 credits)

PHOT 2015 Introduction to Studio Lighting (4 credits)

PHOT 3005 History of Photography (1830-1950) (4 credits)

PHOT 3060 Ethics and Image (4 credits)

PHOT 3100 Intermediate Digital Photography (4 credits)

PHOT 4006 History of Contemporary Art Photography (4 credits)

PHOT 4097 BFA Thesis (4 credits)
PHOT 3001 Book Arts I (4 credits)

Concentration in Fine Art/Gallery Practices: 32 Credits

PHOT 3027 Black/White Fine Print (4 credits)

PHOT 3030 Beginning Non-Silver/Alternative Processes (4 credits)

PHOT 3098 Professional Practices for Fine Art Photography (4 credits)

PHOT 3099 Gallery/Museum Practices I (4 credits)

PHOT 4000 Gallery/Museum Practices II (4 credits)

PHOT 4001 Business Practices for Photographers (4 credits)

PHOT 4915 Internship (Fine Arts/Gallery/Museum) (4 credits)
May be chosen from existing or new courses in Photography
Go for it – the school is wide open to your interests. Select from the 2013-2014 Academic Catalog.

Designated Electives: 12 Credits

Unrestricted Electives: 4 Credits

Formation of School of Visual and Communication Arts

In August 2014, in order to better serve the growing enrollments in four of its academic programs, SFUAD restructured the administrative management of these programs into a “School of Visual and Communication Arts” (“SVCA”). The SVCA includes degrees in graphic design, digital arts, studio art and photography and is managed by a Dean, Linda Swanson (formerly the Chair of the Studio Art Program). The benefits expected from this administrative reorganization include leadership depth, leveraging of curriculum across four programs, sharing of facilities, improved trans-disciplinary and industry student experiences amongst the four programs as well as a larger and more diverse community under a shared school structure.