Kirk Gittings

Kirk Gittings

Kirk Gittings

MFA in Photography (and additional studies in Archeology) from The University
of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

BUS with a concentration in Photography from The University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM

Born in Alaska and raised in New Mexico, Kirk Gittings has resided here for some 58 years. He first studied photography at the renowned photography program at The University of New Mexico and later received his Master of Fine Arts degree in Photography from the University of Calgary In Alberta, Canada.

Known for his architectural and cultural landscape photography, his work has been widely published and exhibited across the country. His exhibit record now well exceeds 100 venues. New Mexico Magazine published a biography and retrospective monograph of his work “Shelter from the Storm: The Photographs of Kirk Gittings” in 2005 with an accompanying solo retrospective exhibit at The Albuquerque Museum of Art and History. Additionally his work is currently in the permanent collections of 27 public art collections in the US, Canada and France. He has operated a commercial studio in Albuquerque specializing in architecture and editorial photography since 1978 collaborating with leading designers and periodicals around the country.

As a photographic educator he taught for 11 years at The University of New Mexico and for the last 16 years has taught at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (ongoing). He has also taught at numerous workshops including The Santa Fe Photographic Workshops.

He has received numerous honors and awards including a major grant from The National Endowment for the Arts, membership in the Polaroid Artists Support Group, and appointment to the Advisory Board of Freestyle Photographic in Hollywood. In 2006 the New Mexico State Legislature passed a special proclamation honoring him for his life’s work.

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