Thaw Art History Center

Everything you could ever need to get your learn on. Classrooms, teacher offices, an art history library, plus a brand new digital arts computer lab fully stocked with Mac Pros. Its comfortable lobby and winding corridors double as gallery space, with an array of student artwork always on display. Thaw also houses Cluster, our student-run organization for visual artists.

Chase Art History Library

Resources include rare books and unique items for conducting research on the history of the arts, archaeology, anthropology, and history of the Americas. The collection focuses on:

  • Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican and South American art
  • Andean art
  • Native American art
  • Spanish Colonial art and architecture
  • Modern Latin American art

Tishman Hall
Painting, drawing, and design studios
Critical Space, a space to exhibit and discuss student-initiated projects that exceed classroom goals

T64, T65, T66
Our painting studio, ceramics studio, and sculpture studio (including wood shop, welding, and carving facilities) are housed in rustic barracks that date back to World War II – which means you can make a gigantic mess during your artistic process. The Barracks also house our private studios, which you can work your way up to as a senior BFA student.

Onate Hall
Freshman foundation studios and classrooms

Critical Space & Fine Arts Gallery:
Get ready to display your work before you graduate. Critical Space is a student-initiated, student-run exhibition space that hangs shows several times per year. The Fine Arts Gallery will be your home for juried shows, BFA exhibitions, and more.

Santa Fe Art Institute

Located right by the Marion Center, the Santa Fe Art Institute (www.sfai.org) offers:

  • Residencies for emerging and mid-career artists and writers (national and international)
  • Bi-monthly open studios
  • Master workshops and lectures
  • Internship and volunteer opportunities for students

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