Studio Arts Degrees FAQ’s

Studio Arts Degrees FAQ’s


At Santa Fe University of Art and Design, we believe that artists need to work with professionals early on – and with the help of SITE Santa Fe, a contemporary art museum, we’re making that happen. Select Studio Art students are working with professional artists to get feedback, experience, and exposure throughout the city of Santa Fe. Hear our students explain why the SITE Scholar program is so awesome – one day, it could be you walking through the doors of the prestigious SITE museum. Students at Santa Fe University of Art and Design in Santa Fe, New Mexico, may earn a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Studio Arts, including painting, drawing, sculpture, mixed media, installation art, etc. Minors in Art History and Studio Art are also offered.

Studio Arts Degrees FAQ’s

Are studio arts degrees worth it?

There is no doubt in our mind and our student’s minds that a Studio Arts degree is worth it. And when that education is taught by world-renowned artists, located in the most artistic city in the country, and home to one of the largest art markets in the world, your opportunities are endless!

“I was researching schools, and I was like, ‘Well, I’ve been to Santa Fe and I like it.’ It worked out great. There are a ton of financial aid and scholarship opportunities at SFUAD. For a good art school, it’s one of the most affordable. There’s a scholarship for an alumni recommendation, one for transferring from a community college, and one based on your portfolio. So there are a lot of really neat options, and there’s a lot going on here. Professors are always popping in and checking on you. They’re like, ‘Hey, have you been working on that piece that we talked about?’ It’s really nice.” Ryan (‘16), Studio Arts

“I was like, if I’m going to SFUAD, I’m going to be an artist. This is my life choice and my passion. SFUAD gave me that push. It’s a place where I feel really comfortable, and can make good connections. There’s a lot of really good art schools, like SCAD and CalArts, but I feel like I get the same amount of push here. I get the same quality of education, with a little more freedom and a lot less money to cough up. I got the better end of the deal.” Samantha (’17), Studio Arts

“Our students are encouraged, mentored and supported to make their own work… It’s a testament to how excellent [our faculty] are because they spend a lot of time figuring out what that student is trying to say, how to support them, how to challenge them. It’s a very one on one education.” Linda Swanson, Dean, School of Visual and Communication Arts, Chair, Studio Arts

What can I do with a studio arts degree?

Students who have a Studio Arts degree learn the skills necessary to work across the industry, finding jobs in areas such as: Art Director, Educator, Painter, Sculptor, Printmaker, Illustrator, Set Designer, Sketch Artist, Curator, and Critic to name just a few. Learn more about the careers that will be available to you here!

What types of studio arts degrees are available?

  • BA in Studio Arts: The Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Arts is grounded in studio practice and enriched by art history courses and the liberal arts core curriculum. Students may use elective credits to fulfill a declared minor outside the department or may complement their degree with practical courses oriented toward community arts. The BA program allows students with multiple passions to integrate these studies into their four-year degree plan while pursuing their studio work.
  • BFA in Studio Arts: The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Arts is the initial professional degree in art, with emphasis on the development of an authentic and rigorous studio practice. Art history courses and the liberal arts core curriculum place this practice in a broader context. Coursework supports creativity, articulation of ideas, development of skills to address ideas materially through crafted intention, and critical analysis. During senior year, a professional course sequence – which focuses on studio work and a capstone exhibition – further develops practical skills and strategies for the graduating artist.

BA vs BFA in Studio arts: What’s the difference between them?

The BA allows for a broad studio experience with opportunities to explore other disciplines as a minor or as practical applications.

The BFA offers a concentrated program in studio practice.

BA and BFA students share a common curriculum for the first two years of study, at which time they may apply to the BFA program or declare their minor, if applicable. The liberal arts core curriculum is predicated on a breadth of knowledge that all educated artists should possess.

What are the requirements for a studio arts degree?

Click below to see detailed major requirements outlining your degree track as a student at SFUAD!

How do I apply to the Studio Arts program?

Students who apply to the Studio Arts program will be required to submit an online application, send transcripts, and upload a portfolio and a personal statement in order to be considered for admissions.