All American High School Film Festival

All American High School Film Festival

We believe in the All American High School Film Festival's message - that you're the future of film.

Why partner with the All American High School Film Festival?

Because we believe you’re the Future of Film. That’s AAHSFF’s entire deal – finding the future filmmakers of the world and giving them a hand. Whether it’s gear, scholarships, or industry connections, the prizes at AAHSFF are the real deal, and we want to encourage high schoolers across the country to participate. That’s why we’re sending three of our Film School faculty members as panelists to NYC, as well as cutting-edge media installations from Outdoor Vision Fest for the Opening Night Reception.

SFUAD Panelists

Renowned director Chris Eyre, the chair of The Film School at SFUAD, participated in AAHSFF in 2013, and will return in 2014 with associate chair, Paula Amanda, and faculty member Justice Whitaker. At SFUAD, we believe in students learning from real, working artists – and our panelists can talk about what it’s like on the frontlines of moviemaking. Whether it’s directing a feature film, running a movie studio, or perfecting your cinematography, this trio of experts is a do-not-miss if you’re visiting AAHSFF in October.

Film Festival Winners

Last year, Freshman Michael Clark’s film was selected as Best Documentary by renowned documentarian Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) – as well as nominated in two other categories. This year, it could be you! We encourage all students to submit to AAHSFF
and we’re so excited that we’re going to pay your submission fees! Not only is it great experience, but there could be riches and glory in it for you! Students who are interested in SFUAD can contact Soozi Galante, Film School enrollment advisor, at or 505.473.6136, to receive instructions on how to waive their submission fees.