Film Degrees

Film Degrees

Our curriculum is relevant, cutting-edge, and evolving annually

The Film School at SFUAD has created a relevant, forward-looking curriculum to help our graduates navigate the ever-changing film industry with flexibility and expertise.

Today, new film platforms are constantly emerging: people are watching videos on their iPads and mobile devices, and NetFlix and YouTube are developing their own content using hired professionals. Computer-generated imagery has become so pervasive that it’s now a foundational element of filmmaking. Making a feature film is no longer a filmmaker’s sole end goal, the film industry is no longer anchored in Hollywood, and most consumption of film is happening outside the movie theatre. All these new avenues have opened up myriad options for young filmmakers.

Our BFA in Film offers intensive study that prepares students for careers across the industry. You’ll learn principles of feature filmmaking as well as how to meet the growing demand for content and its delivery via TV, the Web, and new media platforms. You’ll stay informed and knowledgeable about the evolving technology and paradigms of the entertainment industry.

Core classes for all students cover the fundamentals of storytelling, production, CGI/animation, and “the business of the business.” From this foundation, you can choose the concentration that best matches your interests and talents for a deeper engagement with your craft.

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