BFA Film, Visual Effects/Animation

BFA Film, Visual Effects/Animation

Move It!

Visual Effects/Technical Animation.

Explore how to bring a story from idea to execution through techniques of digital animation and visual effects, including 3D modeling, rendering, and compositing; pre-visualization techniques; and post-production editing and effects. Learn the behind-the-scenes magic to make every creative thread in your story come alive.

The BFA in Film’s curriculum was designed in collaboration with industry leaders who hire our alumni — so it’s incredibly relevant to the business of contemporary filmmaking.

Liberal Arts Core (36 Credits):

Liberal Arts Core Requirements (16 credits)

  • FRYE 1025 Liberal Arts Seminar (4 credits)
  • ENGL 1050 Writing Roundtable I (4 credits)
  • ENGL 1051 Writing Roundtable II (4 credits)
  • SOYE 2050 Sophomore Roundtable Seminar (4 credits)
  • Liberal Arts Distributive Core Requirements (12 credits)

Cultural Diversity Course (4 credits)

Ethical Responsibility Course (4 credits)

Options for all courses change on a semester basis – check the Registrar for this semester’s core classes and academic catalog.

FILM 1005 Digital Arts for Filmmakers 4
FILM 1102 Introduction to Visual Storytelling 4
FILM 1103 Production Explorations 4
FILM 1104 Post-Production Explorations 4
FILM 2101 Professional Film, Television, and Emergent Media Practices 4
FILM 2201 20th Century Film History 4
FILM 2211 Creative Development and Producing for Film & TV 4
FILM 2217 Fundamentals of Story Development 4
FILM 2405 Capturing Excellent Sound 2
FILM 3304 Business of Film, Television, and Emergent Media 4
FILM 3212 Making Dynamic Films 4
FILM 3310 Story, Ethics, and Responsibility 4
FILM 4915 Film/TV/New Media Internship 2
34 Lower-Division Credits; 14 upper-Division Credits
EMPHASIS: ANIMATION AND VISUAL EFFECTS 4 lower div, 12 upper div credits
Lower Division
FILM 2213 Post Production Editing & Effects 4
Upper Division
FILM 3007 Pre-Viz and Pipeline for Animation and Visual Effects Production 4
FILM 3400 3D Computer Animation Production I: Modeling and Texturing 4
FILM 3401 3D Computer Animation Production II: Lighting, Rendering and Visual Effects 4