SFUAD’s amazing facilities provide unparalleled classroom, internship, and networking opportunities for students.

The Film School Facilities

The Film School is conjoined with Garson Studios, meaning that students have access to all three soundstages (see above) for their own productions during professional production hiatuses. At least one of the soundstages is always available for student use.

Stage C is the most often used soundstage for student productions: it offers 2,200 square feet, its own green screen for CGI and composite shooting, and a professional set from The Sunset Limited, donated by Tommy Lee Jones.

The Grip House refreshes and upgrades its filmmaking equipment annually, always with an eye to contemporary usage in the film/video industry. We have a substantial inventory of state-of-the-art camera models, lights, jibs, grip and gaffer equipment, audio equipment, and more for students to work with.

Post-production facilities include multiple computer labs and private editing suites equipped with industry-standard video and audio software and hardware, as well as media transfer and duplication capabilities (naturally, our faculty and technical staff support all technology and mentor students in mastering these tools).

The Film School’s classrooms and screening rooms all provide HD and multiformat media playback.

Garson Studios

Co-located with the Film School, Garson Studios has hosted the production of more than 30 professional feature films over the past 20 years. Stage A has the largest permanent green screen in the state of New Mexico and students from the Film School have the unique opportunity to intern on professional productions on all three soundstages alongside Hollywood professionals.

Films made at Garson Studios range from No Country for Old Men to Cowboys & Aliens and have starred renowned actors such as Jeff Bridges, Natalie Portman, Samuel Jackson, Tommy Lee Jones, Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig. A&E’s highest-rated TV series ever, Longmire, has completed its fifth season at Garson.

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The Screen

The Screen is New Mexico’s premier cinematheque. Curated by Brent Kliewer, The Screen showcases the finest in world, art, and independent cinema – with all movies free of charge for Film School students. In the daytime, The Screen doubles as a classroom for the study and analysis of films; at night, it’s home to a student-run film club. Students can also schedule The Screen for displaying their latest work. Notable guests who have presented their films to students include Robert Redford, Mickey Rooney, Cate Blanchett, Larry McMurtry, Mariette Hartley, and many others.

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